How To Treat A Hump

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How To Treat A Hump
How To Treat A Hump

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A hump is a deformation of the chest that occurs due to a violation of the integrity of the vertebrae, their structure, or due to curvature of the spine. The consequences of the appearance of a hump can be violations of the functions of the heart, lungs and other organs.

How to treat a hump
How to treat a hump


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There may be several reasons for the appearance of a hump. It can be, for example, a consequence of acquired or congenital deformity. If the formation of a hump is detected in a timely manner and the necessary treatment is started, then the progression of the process can be avoided. The curvature of the spine, like the occurrence of a hump, does not depend on the person's age - the problem can be seen both in adolescents during puberty and in the elderly. In the second case, experts call vertebral fractures, injuries, osteoporosis, tumors, age-related ossification, bone atrophy and much more among the main reasons. It should be noted that the curvature of the spine is of two types. The first of them is kyphosis, that is, the spine is curved inward, and the second is lordosis, that is, the spine is already curved outward. Kyphosis can be congenital, or it can occur with bone tuberculosis or with osteochondrodystrophy.

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In addition to kyphosis and lordosis, there is also spondylosis and ankylosing spondylitis. These two diseases are usually characterized by changes in the spine, which are manifested by the fusion of the vertebrae and the appearance of a hump. With spondylosis, as with ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative changes occur with age. You can stop them with the help of various medications prescribed by a specialist. In addition, in extreme cases, surgery may be recommended to patients.

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A hump can also form in children - with a lack of vitamin D, that is, with rickets. The curvature of the spine occurs in this case due to the softness of the vertebrae (under the influence of muscle traction and the weight of the child himself).

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However, for whatever reasons a hump may arise, treatment should only be prescribed by a doctor. Among the means that help to avoid surgery and stop the progression of curvature, one can name physiotherapy exercises, intense sports, warming, massage. In some cases, wearing a corset may be recommended.

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