How To Quickly Remove A Hematoma

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How To Quickly Remove A Hematoma
How To Quickly Remove A Hematoma

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Hematoma is a type of bruising, which is a limited accumulation of blood with open or closed tissue damage with vascular injury. The hematoma forms a cavity that contains clotted or liquid blood. At home, you can only remove a hematoma located in the subcutaneous tissue or muscles.

How to quickly remove a hematoma
How to quickly remove a hematoma

It is necessary

  • - cold compress;
  • - tight bandage;
  • - "Troxevasin", "Troxerutin", "Badyaga 911", "Ambulance";
  • - alcoholic tincture of iodine 5-10%;
  • - potatoes, onions, honey;
  • - pharmacy bodyagi powder, hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - fir oil.


Step 1

Apply a cold compress in the first minutes after the injury. You can use any food from the freezer, a hot water bottle with cold water, a piece of cloth soaked in cold water. To avoid cold burns, be sure to wrap frozen ingredients in a piece of cloth. Keep the compress for no more than 8-11 minutes.

Step 2

If nothing cold is at hand, fix the bruise with a tight bandage for 20-30 minutes. To speed up the process of resorption of the hematoma, you can use both the means of the pharmaceutical industry and the proven methods of traditional medicine.

Step 3

Use ointments or gel such as Troxevasin, Troxerutin, Badiaga, Ambulance, etc. Apply a thin layer of any of these drugs to the bruise 4-5 times a day. The time for resorption of the hematoma will be significantly reduced.

Step 4

The next day, you can lubricate the damage with warming ointments, apply compresses, alcohol tinctures. The simplest thing that can be done to speed up healing is to apply an iodine mesh to the site of the injury. Perform the procedure 2 times a day.

Step 5

Brew 2 tablespoons of chopped wormwood with half a liter of boiling water. Keep the infusion in a warm place for 30 minutes. Strain. Apply plant residue to the bruise and secure with a bandage for 2 hours. Perform the procedure 3 times a day.

Step 6

Grate raw potatoes and a medium-sized onion on a fine grater, add a tablespoon of honey. Rub thoroughly until smooth. Apply the prepared composition to the hematoma with a layer of 0.5-0.8 cm. Cover with compression paper and fix with a bandage. Change the compress once a day.

Step 7

Pharmacy body sponge powder is an effective remedy for hematomas. Mix a tablespoon of bodyagi powder with 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the application on the hematoma with a layer of 0.5 cm for 20 minutes. Perform the procedure 3 times a day and the hematoma will quickly resolve.

Step 8

If the skin is intact, apply fir oil to the bruise 3-4 times a day.

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