What Is A Cytogram

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What Is A Cytogram
What Is A Cytogram

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A cytogram is able to detect the presence of cancer at the very beginning of its development. This means that you should not neglect this study even out of your own ignorance. Moreover, it is important to carry out a cytogram regularly, regardless of the state of health.

Cytogram as a way of early diagnosis of cancer
Cytogram as a way of early diagnosis of cancer

Cytogram - a study of the epithelium in the vagina. Empirically, the degree of change in the composition of cells is determined, the strength of the influence of various processes on them. The cytogram helps to find out the current phase of the menstrual cycle, the presence of inflammation and diseases, the correspondence of the research results to the patient's age.

The doctor takes the tissue for examination with a spatula, scraping the material from the inner surface of the vagina. Doctors insist that patients do not douche, have sex, and do not take hormonal contraceptives before the examination.

The cytogram is not performed immediately after examination by a gynecologist and in the presence of severe inflammation.

The essence and method of tissue analysis

The scraped tissue is applied in a thin layer on a special laboratory glass. To prevent drying of cells and their deformation, the material is treated with a special composition. As a rule, a Nikiforov mixture is used for this, into which glass with materials is immersed for 15-25 minutes.

After the cells are fixed, the smear is stained in different ways. Most often, Papanicolaou staining is performed. This technique very accurately reveals the entire set of features that are required to assess the cytoplasm of both the nucleus and cells.

During the study, the laboratory assistant counts the cells in all layers of the squamous epithelium.

What is the purpose of conducting a cytogram

Any adult woman should regularly undergo a cytogram, as this study is better than other tests to determine the presence of cancer cells in the female genital organs. Oncology with the help of a cytogram is determined very accurately. At the same time, it is undesirable for pregnant women from the 23rd week of the term to do this procedure.

With the help of a cytogram, doctors can easily diagnose the following diseases: erosion or cancer of the cervix, dangerous changes in the mucous membrane, venereal or viral diseases that affect the cervix from the inside.

If the gynecologist insists on this study, then there is an urgent need for this.

It so happens that the doctor himself does not recommend carrying out a cytogram, without justifying it with any contraindications. This can be called negligence, as the neglect of preventive measures is obvious. In this case, you should independently figure out how and where to conduct the research.

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