How To Be Treated With "dead Water"

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How To Be Treated With "dead Water"
How To Be Treated With "dead Water"

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Many legends and myths of the peoples of the world tell about "dead" water. In the fairy tale "Tsarevich Ivan and the Gray Wolf," the wolf revived the murdered master with the help of "dead" water. Mankind has known about the amazing properties of "dead" water for a long time and skillfully uses it.

How to be treated
How to be treated


Step 1

According to the official definition, "dead water" is an anolyte with a hydrogen index (pH) of less than 6. Anolyte is obtained by electrolysis of ordinary drinking water. Anolyte belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances. When inhalations are carried out with "dead" water, there is no irritating effect on the respiratory system and eyes. When ingested, it does not have a toxic effect on cells.

Step 2

They knew how to make "dead" water in ancient times. During excavations in Iran, jugs with metal plates made of iron and copper were found. When such a jug is filled with ordinary drinking water, the electrolysis process begins. Water is divided into "dead" and "living". "Living" water is a catholyte with a hydrogen index of more than 8. Now it is possible to obtain anolyte at home - using a purchased or home-made electrolysis device.

Step 3

The properties of "dead" water are due to the pH value. Water with a pH value> 6 has the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi. "Dead" water can help with allergic reactions, edema, itching. Also has a drying effect on the skin. "Dead" water has cytotoxic and antimetabolic properties. Cytotoxic properties are the ability to destroy body cells damaged by the causative agent of the disease. Antimetabolic properties are the ability to exhibit antitumor, antirheumatic and anti-inflammatory activity.

Step 4

For the prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza, it is necessary to rinse your mouth and rinse the nasal cavity with "dead" water. To treat a cold, you need to rinse your nose with anolyte several times a day. In case of a cold, rinse the mouth with "dead" water after each meal.

Step 5

For allergic skin reactions, you can use compresses soaked in "dead" water. Compresses are applied for 10 minutes up to 4 times a day. Along with the compresses, rinses of the throat and mouth with "dead" water are used.

Step 6

Herpes can be treated with "dead" water. To do this, you need to rinse the nasopharynx with "dead water" and drink half a glass. Then, with a cotton swab, you need to tear off the herpes rash and apply a tampon dipped in "dead" water. The duration of the compress is 5 minutes. These tampons should be applied every hour. The next day, continue rinsing and drinking "dead" water. Compresses for rashes can be done after 2 hours. After 2-3 days, the manifestations of the disease will disappear.

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