How To Get Rid Of Internal Fat

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How To Get Rid Of Internal Fat
How To Get Rid Of Internal Fat

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Internal, or visceral, fat is found in a person's abdominal cavity. Excess visceral fat leads to impaired blood supply to internal organs, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

How to get rid of internal fat
How to get rid of internal fat


Step 1

Internal fat is broken down faster than subcutaneous fat, and it is easier to get rid of it. However, this problem requires an integrated approach - proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity. Do not try to lose weight rapidly - it is better to lose 300-400 g per week steadily, it is easier and more reliable. Use an online calculator to calculate the daily calorie intake that will lead to gradual weight loss.

Step 2

Limit foods containing simple carbohydrates in your diet - sugar, honey, premium white flour products, etc. They quickly break down and saturate the body with energy, but their excess is stored in the form of fat cells. In the total amount of carbohydrates received by the body, the proportion of simple carbohydrates should not exceed 30%.

Step 3

Complex carbohydrates necessary for building the body's cells are found in wholemeal flour, bran and whole grain products, cereals, especially buckwheat and oatmeal, vegetables and fruits, and spinach. These foods are slowly absorbed by the body. They are best consumed in the morning so that calories are spent on vigorous activity.

Step 4

Eat low-fat dairy products, boiled eggs, mushrooms, and lean meat - beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken breasts as a source of protein. Nuts are very useful - they contain not only proteins, but also fats necessary for the body. Of course, you need to use them in moderation, checking the calorie table. The source of polyunsaturated acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are vegetable oils - sunflower, linseed, olive. Season salads with them, giving up mayonnaise and fatty sour cream. Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day - losing weight due to dehydration can result in serious health problems.

Step 5

Go in for sports. If your weight is significantly higher than normal, increase your physical activity gradually so as not to damage the cardiovascular system and joints. Running or jumping will be contraindicated for you. Start with brisk walking, cycling, gradually ditch the elevator, and go swimming if possible. Abs will not help you lose fat, but it will strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Step 6

Get enough sleep, avoid overwork. Stress slows down the breakdown of internal fat. a tired organism suggests a further deterioration in conditions and stores an internal reserve.

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