How To Control Fat

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How To Control Fat
How To Control Fat

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Fats or triglycerides are organic compounds that make up the membranes of the body's cells. When fat cells are broken down, energy is released, which is so necessary for people for work and active rest. Triglycerides are involved in the immune system. Their lack can provoke the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. In the diet of a healthy person, fats should be present along with carbohydrates and proteins. However, their number must be strictly controlled.

How to control fat
How to control fat

It is necessary

  • - cookware with a special coating;
  • - Sports Equipment.


Step 1

Analyze your nutritional system. Normally, an adult needs no more than 100 g of fat per day. Triglycerides, as the main source of energy, must be consumed within a short time after ingestion. Unspent molecules accumulate, creating an energy reserve. It is these "spare" fats that form folds on the belly and cause so much trouble for their owners.

Step 2

Remember the foods that contain the most fat. These include: any fatty meat, chicken skins, sausages, whole milk and cream, baked goods, chocolate, ice cream, animal oil (butter, ghee) and some types of vegetable (palm, coconut).

Step 3

Eliminate mayonnaise from the diet, replacing it with low-fat sour cream. Remember that even at home, you cannot make your favorite sauce low in calories. Moreover, you should not use mayonnaise for roasting meat, fish, chicken and other hot dishes. Season salads with olive oil.

Step 4

A large amount of dangerous fats is found in hard cheese. Give preference to more healthy dairy products: natural cottage cheese, feta cheese, yogurt without additives.

Step 5

Eat fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, hake, cod, etc.) and seafood. They contain extremely beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The maximum amount of vitamins will be retained in a serving of fish dish if you steam it.

Step 6

Choose foods rich in fiber. You can get enough of it by eating 2 small apples or 100 g of legumes (green peas, beans, lentils, etc.) daily. Don't forget about other vegetables, fruits, and herbs. In the correct diet, they should occupy at least 1/3 of each meal.

Step 7

Look closely at grocery labels in the store. For example, the amount of fat in 100 g of curd mass must be indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Manufacturers of low-calorie foods often hide their true energy value. Don't be fooled by the phrase "hydrogenated fats". These are not healthy ingredients at all, but artificial substitutes, which are many times more dangerous than natural fats.

Step 8

Change the way you prepare your food: fry less, boil and bake more often. The fact is that for frying you use an additional portion of triglycerides, even if the lighter ones are plant-based. If you cannot refuse a well-fried chop on the festive table, cook it in a frying pan with a special coating that does not require greasing. Avoid street food, as the way it is prepared most often involves using a lot of low-quality fats.

Step 9

Eat small meals often, about 5-6 times a day. This diet maintains a high level of internal metabolism and promotes optimal use of fats obtained from food. Be sure to drink more clean, still water - up to 3 liters per day.

Step 10

Give your body enough physical activity, it will be grateful to you for it.Perform any exercises regularly: elementary morning exercises, walking, home exercise equipment, outdoor games. With an active lifestyle, fats will be converted into energy. However, if you have exercised little movement in previous years, consult your doctor before exercising.

Step 11

Monitor the state of the nervous system. Get enough sleep and less stressful situations. Often the desire to eat more goodies appears due to dissatisfaction and fatigue. People tend to "seize" problems with chocolate or a good piece of meat. Unfortunately, triglycerides accumulated after such "consolation" will later become the cause of new disappointment.

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