How To Increase Protein In Urine

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How To Increase Protein In Urine
How To Increase Protein In Urine

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An increase in protein in the urine (proteinuria) can occur both in diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, diabetes, and in healthy people under certain conditions. Proteinuria in healthy people is short-lived and already in the next analysis, the amount of protein in the urine may be within normal limits.

How to increase protein in urine
How to increase protein in urine


Step 1

You can cause proteinuria by doing strenuous exercise. Long hikes, marathon running, grueling workouts cause the destruction of red blood cells, the remnants of which are excreted by the kidneys in the form of protein. But keep in mind that protein is detected only in the first portion of urine received after exercise.

Step 2

Take cold baths before testing. It will also cause proteinuria.

Step 3

Sunbathe or apply iodine to your skin. This method is especially effective for blondes with white skin and redheads. The sun and iodine irritate the skin, in response to this albumin is released from the body - one of the protein fractions. Be careful not to burn your skin with proteinuria.

Step 4

Give urine for analysis after strong emotional distress. Epinephrine and norepinephrine in the blood disrupt renal blood flow, resulting in protein production.

Step 5

On the eve of the analysis, eat a large amount of protein foods: meat, cottage cheese, eggs, soy. Excess protein entering the gastrointestinal tract is excreted by the kidneys.

Step 6

The appearance of protein in the urine can be achieved by vigorous and prolonged palpation of the kidneys through the anterior abdominal wall. This method is not suitable for people who are overweight, because the subcutaneous fatty tissue will not allow reaching the kidneys. It is also almost impossible to feel the kidneys on your own, for this you need outside help. It is better to ask a person with medical education about this, because with inept palpation, the kidneys and abdominal organs can be injured.

Step 7

You can get an acute infectious or viral illness. Against the background of an elevated temperature, protein will appear in the urine.

Step 8

Stay upright for as long as possible before taking a urinalysis. According to scientists, in 12-40% of young people in an upright position, the lumbar bend of the spine compresses the vessels, causing impaired renal blood flow. In addition, in an upright position, a substance is released that narrows the arteries, which also leads to a deterioration in blood supply. The kidneys, without a sufficient supply of blood to them, excrete protein in the urine.

Step 9

Pregnancy can also cause proteinuria. During pregnancy, the amount of blood passing through the mother's kidneys increases, they cannot cope with the load, and as a result, protein appears.

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