What Is Depletion Of The Body

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What Is Depletion Of The Body
What Is Depletion Of The Body

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Depletion is a decrease in body functions after a significant load or for reasons that have caused a discrepancy between the amount of incoming nutrients and the needs of the body. Depletion due to malnutrition is called primary, while secondary is caused by metabolic disorders.

What is depletion of the body
What is depletion of the body

Causes and symptoms of depletion of the body

The most common causes of depletion of the body include malnutrition, gastrointestinal diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, endocrine-hormonal pathology, long-term alcohol intake (binge), burns, infections, injuries, illnesses accompanied by unconsciousness, cancer, and certain medications.

Weight loss is a typical symptom of wasting. At the first stage, it may be weakly expressed, however, at the physiological level, the body is experiencing a deficiency of basic substances, and this is reflected in vital activity. Patients complain of weakness, rapid physical and mental fatigue, drowsiness, unstable stools, and frequent colds. In the corners of the mouth, "seizures" appear - signs of a deficiency of vitamins of group B, astheno-neurotic states of patients alternate with a relatively stable work of the central nervous system.

For the second stage of exhaustion, edema is characteristic, especially of the abdomen and lower extremities. They appear in connection with a violation of protein metabolism, it is not easy to get rid of them. The efficiency of patients is sharply reduced, they look exhausted, there is total hypovitaminosis, disorders of the nervous system, depression, disorders of the volitional and mental sphere appear, suicidal thoughts, patients become suspicious, character deteriorates. The consequences of the third degree of exhaustion (cachexia): a critical decrease in mental processes, immobility, the patient's face is pale, has a grayish or yellowish tint, facial features are pointed, eyes sunken, convulsions, involuntary urination may occur.

When the first symptoms of rabies appear, the disease is fatal. There is no longer any cure.

Depletion of the body: diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis is made according to the data of the medical examination, while the correspondence of the body weight to the constitutional physique is calculated. The patient needs to undergo a thorough examination to exclude major diseases that can lead to exhaustion. Research is carried out to objectively assess the state of the basic metabolic processes of the body, examinations of internal organs are performed to select the correct therapy.

The consequences of the third stage of exhaustion after treatment remain for life in the form of mental or somatic disorders of varying severity.

Treatment is carried out in a hospital, it is aimed at restoring digestion, normalizing metabolic processes, and correcting metabolism. The patient is prescribed parenteral nutrition, while the regimen and volume of food intake are gradually expanding. Requires the intake of enzymes, vitamins, vascular drugs, as well as the treatment of concomitant diseases.

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