How To Douch With Baking Soda

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How To Douch With Baking Soda
How To Douch With Baking Soda

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Probably, many women know about the douching procedure. Its essence is in flushing the vagina with any solution, the composition of which depends on the purpose of the treatment.

How to douch with baking soda
How to douch with baking soda

What is baking soda douching?

This type of douching is a therapeutic and prophylactic procedure during which the vagina is washed with a solution of soda. It is used in the presence of chronic inflammation in the uterus or vagina.

Moreover, with the help of this type of douching, you can either increase the likelihood of conception, or, conversely, reduce it. If this procedure is carried out after intercourse, the sperm will die under the influence of soda.

To increase the likelihood of conception, douching should be done no earlier than 30 minutes before intercourse. This is necessary in order to create a comfortable alkaline environment for sperm. Thanks to this procedure, they will become more mobile, and they will begin to die later than usual.

Douching also helps cleanse the vagina of foreign bacteria. Some women use this procedure to successfully treat thrush. Soda solution slows down the vital activity of the fungus. Further, its microfibers are destroyed, and the disease recedes. Itching and discharge also gradually disappear.

During pregnancy, soda douching cannot be performed. This disrupts the natural microflora, which is undesirable during the period of gestation. In addition, this procedure is contraindicated in acute inflammation of the genitals and menstruation.

How to do douching

To carry out the douching procedure in hospitals, use the Esmarch mug. At home, you can also use it or purchase a special gynecological syringe.

Both the syringe and the Esmarch mug have a plastic tip, which must be boiled for five minutes before each procedure. It should be noted that the tool you use must be personal. Do not use enemas with it.

In order to prepare the solution, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of soda in 0.5 liters of boiled warm water. Do not use tap water under any circumstances, as it contains quite a lot of pathogenic microorganisms.

Douching can be done while sitting on the toilet or lying on your back in the bathroom. Legs can be thrown on its edges or bent at the knees.

The syringe should be prepared in advance by drawing the solution into it and releasing the air. If you use an Esmarch mug for the procedure, then it must be suspended about 75 cm above the lumbar region.

Next, you need to carefully insert the tip into the vagina, about 5-7 cm. The jet should be weak and flow out during the procedure. After douching, you should lie down for about 15-20 minutes.

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