How To Find A Remedy For Insect Bites

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How To Find A Remedy For Insect Bites
How To Find A Remedy For Insect Bites

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Insect bites can ruin anyone's mood. They not only cause a lot of unpleasant sensations, but also carry a certain health hazard. You can prevent the attack of mosquitoes, horseflies, midges and ticks by choosing the right effective remedy for insect bites.

How to find a remedy for insect bites
How to find a remedy for insect bites


Step 1

Try to buy insect bite remedies from pharmacies. They sell only certified products that have passed special dermatological control.

Step 2

When choosing a remedy for insect bites, pay special attention to the name of its manufacturer. Choose a well-known brand of repellent over the first time you hear the name. The most popular are insect repellents from such companies as Moskitol, Gardex, Deta.

Step 3

Pay attention to the form of release of the insect bite repellent. The safest for humans are emulsions, lotions, creams and pencils applied directly to the skin. This eliminates the likelihood of getting them into the eyes and respiratory tract. Their main disadvantage is that these products are quickly erased from the skin. In addition, with profuse sweating, the effect of drugs is reduced.

Step 4

But the most effective repellents are aerosols and sprays designed to treat exposed areas of the body and clothing. Their main disadvantage is the impossibility of treating the face and the high probability of the active substance of the repellent entering the respiratory tract.

Step 5

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the composition of the insect bite repellent. One of the ingredients in every repellent is diethyltoluamide, an insect repellent agent.

Step 6

If you need to protect yourself from insect bites for a short time (1-1.5 hours), give preference to a product with a low concentration of the active substance (7-10%). To protect against ticks, it is better to use a repellent that contains at least 20% diethyltoluamide. Children's insect bite protection should contain no more than 15% of the active substance.

Step 7

Check your skin for an allergic reaction before applying insect bite repellent to an exposed area. Apply the insect repellent to the inside of your wrist and observe the reaction for 10-15 minutes. If irritation does not appear, feel free to use the selected insect repellent.

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