Folk Remedies For Burns And Insect Bites

Folk Remedies For Burns And Insect Bites
Folk Remedies For Burns And Insect Bites

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In summer, you can often face such troubles as sunburn or the sap of poisonous plants, as well as insect bites. You can relieve pain not only with drugs, but also with folk remedies that are fast-acting and do not cause side effects.

Folk remedies can save from burns and insect bites
Folk remedies can save from burns and insect bites

Folk remedies for sunburn

In order not to get sunburn, you need to remember about prevention - wear sunglasses and use sunblock creams with an SPF of at least 15.

But if you still get a burn, you can apply aloe juice to your skin. It moisturizes and heals the skin, saving it from pain and redness.

The pain from sunburn can be relieved by creams and ointments with calendula.

Cucumbers perfectly cool the skin. If you cut them into circles, make a compress and put them on the burned areas, blisters will not appear.

From burns with the juice of poisonous plants

The sap of some plants, when in contact with the skin, causes irritation, sometimes even severe burns. These plants include Sosnovsky's hogweed, wild parsnip, fragrant rue, and holostolbik ash.

If the juice of these plants gets on the skin, rinse the burn area with water as soon as possible for 5 minutes. In this case, the poisonous substances will not have time to spread throughout the body, and the likelihood of a rash will decrease. Then you need to wipe the burned areas with alcohol or vodka.

Aloe vera juice is a folk remedy for pain relief.

If redness develops, you can lubricate it with lavender oil and apply a sterile dressing. A zinc ointment dressing will also speed up healing.

For insect bites

Lavender or tea tree oil applied to the skin can help repel insects.

Most insect bites are not life threatening unless you have allergies. Otherwise, there can be serious consequences. Signs of allergies - the appearance of a rash after a bite, breathing becomes difficult, the tongue swells, dizziness occurs. In this case, you must immediately contact a medical institution.

If only a burning sensation is felt, it can be eliminated by rubbing with essential oil. Pain from insect bites is treated with aloe, St. John's wort oil, or calendula ointment.

If you are bitten by a bee, try to remove the sting within 15 seconds. In this case, there will be no irritation and severe swelling. After removing the sting, rinse the bite site and apply ice. To remove allergens from the blood will help such a folk remedy as a mixture of water with baking soda applied to the wound.

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