How To Make An Occlusive Dressing

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How To Make An Occlusive Dressing
How To Make An Occlusive Dressing

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The occlusive dressing is applied using a sterile individual dressing set. If not, a sterile wipe, waterproof cloth, cotton wool, and bandage will do.

How to make an occlusive dressing
How to make an occlusive dressing

An occlusive dressing is a material that is attached to the body for a long-term effect on the wound. If the bandage is incorrectly applied or fixed, the consequences can be the same as after an unsuccessful operation. This medical and diagnostic manipulation includes a number of measures for removing and replacing the dressing material, as well as for treating the wound surface. An occlusive dressing is applied to the chest with an open injury in order to protect the pneumothorax from air penetration into the pleural cavity.

How to apply

To apply an occlusive dressing, you will need a sterile individual dressing kit. First, the skin around the wound must be treated with an antiseptic, then a tissue and a tampon must be applied, and then fixed with a bandage. The rubberized material of the fabric does not allow air to pass to the open pneumothorax, providing the required degree of tightness. If there is no way to use a special kit, polyethylene, oilcloth, cellophane, adhesive plaster or a rubber glove will do. First, the wound is closed with a sterile napkin, then with a cloth that does not allow air to pass through, and then with a piece of cotton wool. At the final stage, everything is fixed with a bandage.

How to bandage correctly

An occlusive dressing involves a special type of bandage manipulation. The main thing is to securely fix the wound with a dressing material. During bandaging, the surgeon focuses on the patient's sensations: it is necessary to monitor his face in order to notice the reaction to pain in time, to prevent the deterioration of the condition and the occurrence of unpleasant sensations. For the convenience of work, the surgeon should stand so that the wound is located at the level of his chest. The patient is instructed to take the most comfortable position, which allows immobilizing the fixed part of the body.

When applying an occlusive dressing, you need to move from the periphery to the center of the damage. To fix the bandage, you first need to do several circular rounds or turns, moving from left to right. Each next turn you need to overlap the previous one. The ends of the bandage are fixed in an area farther from the center of the wound. The occlusive dressing aims to securely fix the dressing, stop bleeding and ensure the tightness of the pneumothorax. The patient should be comfortable and comfortable, this will be the key to a quick recovery.

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