How To Make Blood Thicker

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How To Make Blood Thicker
How To Make Blood Thicker

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Liquid blood - thrombocytopathy, a special group of diseases (more than 40) associated with hereditary or acquired defects of white platelets - platelets. The pathology of platelets and their failure to perform their functions causes blood thinning, difficulty in folding. Blood comes not only from the nose, but also from the mucous membranes of the mouth, gums, uterine bleeding, gastrointestinal. When injured, prolonged bleeding is observed, which can become life-threatening.

How to make blood thicker
How to make blood thicker

It is necessary

  • - medications;
  • - medicinal plants.


Step 1

If there are signs of non-clotting of blood, frequent nose, heavy uterine bleeding, consult a hematologist. He will offer to do a blood and urine test, and if necessary, a bone marrow puncture from the sternum. The quantitative norm of the platelet content is 150-400 thousand in 1 μl. An indicator below 140 thousand is a sign of thrombocytopathy.

Step 2

With massive uterine and nosebleeds, a 5% solution of aminocaproic acid is administered intravenously. To normalize platelets, "Adroxon" and adenosine triphosphate are injected intramuscularly. Other medications are also used - "Dicinon", "Pamba", tranexamic acid, "Emosynt", etc.

Step 3

In severe cases, platelet transfusion is done. The latest developments in the treatment of thrombocytopathy include bone marrow and stem cell transplantation.

Step 4

When treating this disease, you should avoid the use of drugs that affect the function of platelets and reduce their number. These include salicylates, indirect anticoagulants, and fibrinolytics. These are aspirin, "Indomethacin", "Ibuprofen", "Butadion", papaverine, furosemide, penicillin antibiotics, antidepressants.

Step 5

In addition to drug treatment, organize proper nutrition, rich in vitamins A, C and P. To increase blood clotting, include nuts, especially almonds and peanuts, green tea, and parsley in your daily diet.

Step 6

Use a rich arsenal of medicinal plants that help increase blood clotting. Nettle is the leader. Lingonberry and grape leaves, cinquefoil goose, oak bark, linden blossom, water pepper, field horsetail, shepherd's purse, burnet root, etc. are also useful.

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