How To Apply For A Sick Leave

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How To Apply For A Sick Leave
How To Apply For A Sick Leave

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All people get sick sometimes. And if you go to work, you need to draw up a sick leave for the duration of your illness. Also, a sick leave is issued when you go on maternity leave. And in order for you to be paid in full, it must be correctly issued. In hospitals, when drawing up a sick leave, mistakes are often made. Under the new rules, an employer who has accepted a sick leave from an employee is obliged to submit it to the social insurance fund. An incorrectly written letter, number, or even unquoted quotation marks - and the social security fund refuses to pay for the document. The employer does not want to do this either. A vicious circle arises. You, it seems, are not to blame, but you are considered an injured person. In order to avoid such situations, you need to clearly know how to draw up a sick leave.

How to apply for a sick leave
How to apply for a sick leave


Step 1

Be clear about your last name, first name and patronymic.

Step 2

Give the exact name of the organization you work for.

Step 3

State your age (full years) correctly.

Step 4

In case of a disease, the word "disease" should be underlined, and in the column it is indicated, in understandable letters, your disease. In case of injury, a special code is entered.

Step 5

Check that there are two stamps on the right side of the sheet. The upper stamp is the name of the institution that issued the document, the lower stamp is the seal of this institution.

Step 6

Remember, sick leave is given for a period of three days. For prolongation, you need to come to the doctor's appointment. Otherwise, the sick leave will not be closed, which means that it will not be paid and the missed working days cannot be considered a pass for a good reason, and can be equated with truancy.

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