How To Quickly Improve Memory

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How To Quickly Improve Memory
How To Quickly Improve Memory

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From a scientific point of view, memory is the main function of the human brain. According to academician N.P. Bekhtereva, good memorization, retention and reproduction of information is called memory. Distinguish between short-term and long-term forms. The first is characterized by quick memorization and retention of information for no more than half an hour. Then this information is forgotten or transferred to long-term memory.

How to quickly improve memory
How to quickly improve memory

It is necessary

  • - "Reminil", "Exelon", "Semax";
  • - "Glycine", "Mexidol", "Cavinton", "Cerebrolysin", "Encephabol";
  • - regular intellectual memory training;
  • - balanced diet;
  • - good sleep and rest;
  • - physical exercise.


Step 1

Head injuries, senile changes in cerebral vessels, brain atrophy, infections, decreased thyroid function, alcohol abuse - this is not a complete list of the reasons for memory impairment. But the most common cause of memory loss is chronic inadequate blood supply to areas of the brain responsible for intellectual function.

Step 2

At the first sign of memory impairment, an examination should be carried out to initiate adequate treatment. Such drugs as "Reminil", "Exelon", "Semax" are very effective for the rapid improvement of the state of memory.

Step 3

Positive effect on memory functions: "Glycine", "Mexidol", "Cavinton", "Cerebrolysin", "Encephabol" and others. The drugs are taken in courses, after agreeing with the attending physician the exact dosage.

Step 4

It is not worth relying only on medicines. It is important to train your memory regularly. The constant work of the brain forms new connections, including dormant nerve cells, of which a person has several tens of billions. The brain has a huge reserve and the task is to include it in work. Memorizing poetry, reading and mandatory retelling of what has been read, learning foreign languages, mastering new skills, requiring the study of hitherto unknown information and other developmental activities serve to improve memory and enhance brain activity.

Step 5

Correct, nutritious nutrition helps to strengthen memory due to the stimulation of biochemical processes in brain cells. It is recommended to include in the diet daily grated carrots with raisins, seasoned with sour cream, baked potatoes, cheese, cottage cheese, seaweed. Certain substances found in dark chocolate, walnuts, dried fruits and bananas support the brain. These are alpha-lipoic and pantothenic acids, vitamins B1, B2, C, carotene, iodine and zinc trace elements, etc.

Step 6

Adequate sleep, a rational regime of work and rest are a prerequisite for improving memory. It is during a night's sleep that the nerve cells of the brain are restored.

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