How To Act If Bitten By A Dog

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How To Act If Bitten By A Dog
How To Act If Bitten By A Dog

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Dog aggression is a common phenomenon, it can be provoked by the person himself, and also be a consequence of the psychological, physiological characteristics of the animal and the state of its health. What to do if bitten by a dog?

How to act if bitten by a dog
How to act if bitten by a dog

What to do to avoid being bitten by a dog

A dog bite is better prevented than treated later. When meeting an aggressive dog, when there is nowhere to hide, the following rules must be observed:

  • do not wave your arms and do not make sudden movements;
  • do not raise your voice, much less shout;
  • no need to look the dog in the eyes and even smile;
  • stand with your back against a building wall or fence;
  • wrap your hand with outerwear and pull it forward;
  • pronounce clearly and loudly the commands "No!", "Fu!";
  • splash water on the dog's face or throw sand, earth, any loose material;
  • if there is an umbrella, open it sharply in front of the dog's nose.

The main thing is to remain calm, as dogs feel the fear of the opponent.

The main danger to humans if bitten by a dog is rabies virus infection. The disease has three stages, but it develops very rapidly. If you do not take certain measures, then a few days after the infection is fatal.

What to do if the dog still bites

The first thing to do after being bitten by a dog is to thoroughly rinse the wound with soapy water. Scientists have noted that washing the bitten areas with soap partially stops the infection.

The second is to thoroughly rinse the wound with running water and disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide. You should not immediately stop bleeding if it is not too severe. In this way, the body itself partially gets rid of the infected dog saliva.

Third, if a dog has bitten, a lacerated wound is usually formed at the site of the bite, the edges of which must be treated with brilliant green or iodine. You do not need to pour medications directly into the wound. Apply a sterile bandage on top of the bite site.

The fourth thing to do when a dog bites is to immediately contact a medical institution, where qualified assistance will be provided and the necessary vaccination will be carried out. During the examination, you will need to tell what kind of dog was (domestic or stray), how it behaved, under what circumstances it happened.

If bitten by a stray dog

After being bitten by a stray dog, be sure to get vaccinated against rabies. If bitten by a domestic dog, you need to get a veterinary opinion on the state of its health. The dog will have to be isolated for 10 days to observe possible signs of infection (fear of water, increased salivation, staggering gait). The absence of these signs indicates that the dog is healthy.

If a child is bitten by a dog

If a child is bitten by a dog, adults do not need to be nervous and panic. The child is already scared, he has a lot of stress, so you should calmly and confidently wash and disinfect the wound, while constantly calming and encouraging the baby. Then call an ambulance or go with the child to the hospital. After treatment, it is worth visiting a child psychologist, otherwise the baby will be afraid of dogs for a long time.

Regular rabies vaccination of four-legged pets, starting from puppyhood, will help to minimize the problems that arise with a dog bite.

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