Where To Turn If Bitten By A Dog

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Where To Turn If Bitten By A Dog
Where To Turn If Bitten By A Dog

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Meeting on the street with a strange dog or a whole pack of stray dogs can be extremely dangerous. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to avoid a dog bite, you should provide yourself or the victim with medical assistance in time, you also need to know where to go in this case and what to do first.

Where to turn if bitten by a dog
Where to turn if bitten by a dog


Step 1

The most important thing is the health of the person who was bitten by the dog, and not the legal side of such an incident. If you or your child is bitten by a dog on the street, the owner of which is identified, take his coordinates, legal document, if possible, the telephones of witnesses to the incident and urgently call an ambulance to the place. Especially if the wound is lacerated, there is a lot of blood, or if the patient is in shock.

Step 2

If the victim has the opportunity to move, the wound does not bleed too much, immediately wash it with laundry soap in running water. Pour an antiseptic on top (chlorhexidine solution, hydrogen peroxide), lubricate the edges of the wound with iodine and go to the nearest medical department or trauma center.

Step 3

You needed the coordinates of the owner of the dog to establish the fact that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. The owner must show you the animal's veterinary medical record. If the dog has not been vaccinated or the animal does not have an owner, and you are faced with a stray dog, you will have to be insured against contracting a dangerous disease transmitted through saliva.


Step 4

Against rabies, the notorious 40 injections in the stomach are not given today. In a medical facility, after an animal bite, you will be given anti-tetanus serum. They will also prescribe 6 modern vaccinations against rabies for the prevention, which are given to adults within 3 months in the shoulder, for children under five years of age in the thigh.

Step 5

At the trauma center, take a certificate of personal injury caused by a dog if you were not attacked by a stray dog. Demand from the legal owner of the dog to compensate you for moral and physical damage for the injury. If the owner is in no hurry to apologize to you, seek legal assistance in court, at the nearest police station.

Step 6

If you have been bitten by your own dog, especially if it has not been vaccinated or the vaccination period has expired, and you did not manage to get a new one, proceed in the same way as in the case of stray animals. Treat the wound, seek follow-up care at a medical facility, check the physical condition of your dog to detect fatal diseases that can be very dangerous to humans.

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