Why Dog ​​bites Are Dangerous

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Why Dog ​​bites Are Dangerous
Why Dog ​​bites Are Dangerous

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Dog bites are not only painful but can also be dangerous. The consequences of them are exclusively aesthetic, but the likelihood of developing an infection cannot be ruled out. Doctors advise to immediately seek medical help if you are bitten by a dog.

Why dog ​​bites are dangerous
Why dog ​​bites are dangerous

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people who seek medical help after being bitten by an animal have been bitten by dogs. Of course, cats, hamsters, ferrets, and other domestic or wild animals bite, but the fact remains that most often it is dogs that bite a person. Every fourth precedent is complicated by the fact that the bitten person develops an infection due to the ingestion of infected dog saliva into the wound.

What is the danger of dog bites?

Any dog, even the most well-groomed and clean, has millions of bacteria in the mouth. When the tissue is damaged by a bite, these bacteria enter the open wound and cause infection. Most often these are banal streptococci and staphylococci, which provoke swelling of the lymph nodes and tissues in the area of ​​the bite, as well as an increase in temperature. If some types of anaerobic bacteria enter the human bloodstream, complications such as brain abscess and meningitis may develop.

In persons with weakened immunity and impaired liver function, the development of DIC syndrome and acute renal failure due to the entry of the bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus into the wound is possible.

Both deep lacerations and subtle scratches from a dog's teeth can be dangerous for a person to become infected with tetanus. It is not so difficult to get infected with a terrible disease that can be fatal for a person - rabies, because this virus is in huge concentration in the saliva of a sick animal.

Other possible consequences of dog bites

A dog can inflict horrible lacerations with its fangs. Often, some of the skin or muscle tissue in the area of ​​the bite can be lost. The consequences of this are not as dire as infections, but the aesthetically unattractive scars from wounds inflicted by a dog can cause a lot of suffering. There are cases when a person has to do dozens of plastic surgeries in order to somehow compensate for the damage caused to animals by his appearance.

Most often, dogs are bitten by their owners, as well as their friends and acquaintances. Children are often victims of bites. In about half of the cases, from fear, when she is not given a way to retreat, or from the fact that she is irritated and weakened by some sluggish internal illness. Respect the animal's living space and teach your children the same, and show your dog to the vet regularly. In this case, the likelihood that the dog, for no reason at all, bites one of the people is minimized.

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