What Antibiotic To Drink For Toothache

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What Antibiotic To Drink For Toothache
What Antibiotic To Drink For Toothache

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A toothache indicates not only advanced caries, but also developing pulpitis, which can lead to the appearance of a purulent abscess in the gum of a diseased tooth. To prevent possible complications before visiting the dentist, you can take special drugs that have antibacterial effects.

What antibiotic to drink for toothache
What antibiotic to drink for toothache


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Today there are a large variety of antibiotics that relieve toothache and slow down the development of purulent inflammation. They are a separate group of broad-spectrum drugs, which are quite dangerous to take without a doctor's prescription, since they can cause a strong allergic sensitivity of the body to their main components.

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Antibiotics should be taken according to a specific schedule, which depends on the causes and symptoms of toothache. If it subsequently appeared after traumatic tooth extraction or chronic pulpitis with purulent complications, preference should be given to drugs that, in addition to relieving pain, localize inflammatory processes in the gums and stop the spread of a possible infection throughout the body. In case of abuse of antibiotics, dysbiosis and serious problems with the immune system can be earned.

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The most popular antibiotics for toothache are Ibuprofen and Lincomycin. Ibuprofen is a powerful anti-inflammatory pain reliever taken three tablets a day. The antibiotic "Lincomycin" is effective in inflammatory and purulent gum diseases, abscesses, fistulas, ulcerative gingivitis and other processes that cause suppuration in the oral cavity.

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The antibiotic "Tsifran", which is used for toothache to provide a bactericidal effect on bacterial cells and their spread, has also proven itself excellently. This drug is known for its fast and powerful effect, as well as its lack of addiction and deep penetration into diseased tissues, which makes it one of the best antibiotics used to treat severe infections. In addition, "Tsifran" is excellently combined with other antibiotic agents, accelerating the treatment process. It also has a minimum inhibitory concentration that does not require the administration of large doses of the drug. In addition to toothache and advanced pulpitis, "Tsifran" effectively eliminates staphylococcal infections and other pathogens of bacterial and infectious diseases.

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