How Not To Fall On Ice

How Not To Fall On Ice
How Not To Fall On Ice

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While utilities are puzzled by the sudden arrival of winter, a thin crust of ice has already covered the sidewalks. The way we move on slippery surfaces is influenced not only by the quality of the shoes, but also by psychological factors. A constant readiness to fall will help avoid this fall.

How not to fall on ice
How not to fall on ice

Unfortunately, all that the Emergencies Ministry can do for us is to warn us in advance about difficult weather conditions and icy conditions via SMS. From home to stop, we are forced to move on our feet, every minute at the risk of falling and getting injured.

Nature is not merciful and has covered the pedestrian zones with a crust of ice, and the strict director insists on your daily presence at the workplace - leave the house in advance, an extra 10-15 minutes of time spent walking can save you from a couple of months in a cast.

No need to keep your hands in your pockets, move around concentrating only on the road, without being distracted by phone calls. Music on headphones can also get in the way: hard rock will give you confidence and make you go faster, and popular music can lower your concentration and take your thoughts into the clouds.

It is advisable if your shoes have a hard, ribbed surface. Eliminate any shoes with stilettos, heels, and high platforms. Beauty, of course, is a terrible force, but health is more important.

Shoes with slippery soles must be prepared in advance. A piece of sandpaper, glued to the size of the sole, will certainly play a good service for the owner of the shoe and save him from slipping for the first time.

Shoe masters can also help. In order for you to stand firmly and confidently on the ice, they can prepare any shoe for the winter by gluing a non-slip material to the sole.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not worth sliding on the ice, any bump on the surface can lead to a fall. Move slowly but confidently. Legs slightly bent at the knees will give more flexibility, which means stability on the ice.

If a fall is inevitable, try to sit down sharply. This will keep the height to a minimum, thereby minimizing the risk of injury.

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