How To Quit Smoking And Live Without Nicotine

How To Quit Smoking And Live Without Nicotine
How To Quit Smoking And Live Without Nicotine

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Reading this article already says that you are a smoker and want to get rid of this bad habit. The desire to quit smoking is understandable and easy to explain: it is harmful, it is expensive, it is not encouraged by society.

How to quit smoking and live without nicotine
How to quit smoking and live without nicotine

Despite the fact that the 21st century is on the street, and science offers various methods of fighting smoking, they are still ineffective.

1. If you decide to quit, then you need to do it right now, not tomorrow, not after tomorrow, not after the next birthday and not even after the already started pack ends. Willpower has nothing to do with it, the very desire to stop poisoning your body is important.

2. It is necessary to get rid of everything that reminds of a cigarette: an ashtray, a lighter, a pack of cigarettes that has not yet been started. Then ventilate the place where they liked to smoke. It is necessary to purchase an air freshener and spray it in the apartment in which you live for the next few days.

3. Do not try to help yourself with seeds, candies, pills and nicotine patch. All this helps only for a short period and is not a full-fledged replacement for the cigarette you decide to give up.

Constantly motivate yourself with thoughts about why you quit, what you get in return, and that a habit cannot defeat a person as strong as you.

4. The first time you quit smoking, you must also give up the accompanying drinks: coffee and alcohol

5. Find an activity that can distract you for at least a couple of weeks. It is worth slightly changing the usual schedule, in which cigarettes took up a certain part of the time and played an important role.

6. If possible, devote more time to sleep. It is necessary to endure the first time, it is the first two weeks that are considered the most difficult in the process of quitting smoking.

7. For the first few weeks, avoid situations that might provoke you to start smoking again.

8. Tell all your friends and acquaintances about your desire to end the cigarette and your willpower, this once again motivates you not to turn off the intended path, but to envy them.

P.S The author of this article and all his friends quit smoking by reading the book by Allen Carr "An easy way to quit smoking." It is available on the Internet in different formats: in text form, as an audiobook, and as a movie.

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