How To Quickly Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home

How To Quickly Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home
How To Quickly Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home

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Anyone who has experienced a hangover understands its cause and wants to quickly bring his body back to normal. After all, it is difficult to endure a terrible headache, nausea, an unpleasant taste in the mouth and dryness, general weakness and malaise. You can get rid of a hangover quickly at home, the main thing is to adhere to certain rules.

how to quickly get rid of a hangover at home
how to quickly get rid of a hangover at home

You need to start with a lot of liquid. It can be mineral water or lightly salted boiled water. After 1-2 liters, vomiting is possible - you do not need to restrain it, as it will help cleanse the stomach of toxins.

The next step is a cool shower. And again an abundant drink, only now in the form of juices, kefir, kvass or brine - this will relieve the body from dehydration. The pharmacy drug Regidron, which restores the water-salt balance, perfectly fights the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

The worst thing about a hangover is intoxication. Regular activated carbon or more modern drugs will help to remove alcohol decomposition products: Enterosgel, Filtrum-STI, Polyphepan.

Once you have dealt with toxins and normalized the water balance, you can proceed to restoring the nervous system. To do this, you need to eat something containing gelatin, for example, fatty fish, jellied meat, fruit jelly. If none of this is in the refrigerator, they will come to the rescue: milk (goat or cow), whey, coffee, green tea.

Water procedures will help you quickly get rid of a hangover at home:

- a cold or contrast shower will invigorate the body and restore its strength;

- recovery will be facilitated by a bath with essential oils (the water is warm, the duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes);

- the Russian bath has long been famous for its anti-hangover effect (as an alternative - a sauna).

If the hangover is accompanied by a debilitating headache, a cold compress with ice can save you from it. Some folk recipes advise applying lemon peels to the temporal region.

The liver suffers from a hangover, so it should not be overloaded. If you have an appetite, you can satisfy your hunger with chicken broth (not too fatty and rich). The rosehip infusion will relieve the liver.

There are other ways to help you get rid of a hangover at home. For example, in the Caucasus, it is advised to drink the milk drink yogurt. If it is problematic to get it, you can buy kefir, whey, ayran or yogurt at the nearest store. Many people attribute miraculous properties to cucumber or cabbage pickle. It is imperative that you get a good night's sleep - preferably in the fresh air. In a private house - this is not a problem, but in an apartment you will have to sleep on the loggia, balcony or with the windows wide open. A light vegetable salad and a piece of boiled meat will finally bring you to your senses after a full sleep. And to wash down everything is useful with tea with honey and lemon.

You can get rid of a hangover, but it is better not to allow this condition. To do this, you just need to not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, do not mix strong drinks, do not drink soda, eat less fatty foods and smoked meats. And the best thing is to give up alcohol completely if you cannot control its amount.

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