How To Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home

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How To Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home
How To Get Rid Of A Hangover At Home

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If you are going to a meeting with friends or a party that will be accompanied by alcoholic drinks, you need to consider that drinking can lead to a hangover. Hangover syndrome is not the most pleasant condition for a person, the fight against it should begin even before you decide to drink a little, continue while drinking and not end until it is completely eliminated.

How to get rid of a hangover at home
How to get rid of a hangover at home

Prepare your body

Before heading out to a meeting or party where you plan to drink a lot, prepare your body for it. Drink as much water as possible. This will prevent dehydration, the presence of water in the body will also neutralize excess alcohol exposure. Eat fatty foods well. Eat fatty foods, unlike carbohydrates, fats are slowly absorbed by the body, they stay in it for about 12 hours, lubricate the intestinal walls and thereby prevent excessive absorption of alcohol. All this greatly minimizes the effect of alcohol on the body and thereby alleviates the state of a hangover.

Consume alcohol correctly

Try to consume drinks that do not lead to severe hangovers, such as light beer or gin. Avoid a lot of liqueurs, whiskey, vodka and rum, these drinks tend to lead to severe headaches. Do not overuse red wine, it contains tannins that can cause severe hangovers. Try to combine alcoholic drinks with water or soft drink. This will help you dilute the alcohol in your body.

Know your rate. Most hangover sufferers drive their bodies into intoxication without controlling their alcohol consumption.

Blood sugar

The breakdown of alcohol leads to the formation of lactic acid and other substances that interfere with the production of glucose (sugar), which in turn leads to increased fatigue and weakness in the body. Drink glucose-electrolyte sports drinks, crackers and soft toast to replenish the body's missing substances.

Another way to get rid of a hangover at home is to use a broth based on ginger. To prepare it, take 4 glasses of water, add the juice of one orange, half a lemon and half a glass of honey. In the prepared solution, boil about 10 small ginger tubers. This decoction will help you quickly get rid of a hangover by restoring blood sugar levels.

Salt and potassium

Alcohol consumption can be accompanied by frequent urination, which leads to the leaching of salt and potassium from the body. This leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the nervous system and muscles of the body. To replenish these elements, eat soups and broths, and also eat more bananas, oranges, avocados, chips, etc.

Eat more buttermilk, cottage cheese, and rice to calm your stomach.


To speed up the elimination of alcohol from the body, it is necessary to eat and drink foods that contain large amounts of fructose. For example, oranges and orange juice. Their consumption will help to significantly alleviate the hangover condition.

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