What Cream Helps With Calluses

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What Cream Helps With Calluses
What Cream Helps With Calluses

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Calluses are caused by constant rubbing of the same areas of the skin for a long time. Each type of corns is characterized by certain properties, according to which the doctor selects drugs for treatment.

What cream helps with calluses
What cream helps with calluses

The means used to eliminate calluses are varied: folk recipes, pharmacy creams and ointments, various types of surgical intervention. All of them differ in the level of availability. The most popular remedy for calluses is cream. It is available, easy to use, and effective in most cases.

Creams for calluses on the feet

Callus creams contain glycolic acid, vitamin E, natural oils: peppermint or rice bran, and other components. If you use these creams regularly, you can get rid of existing skin lesions and prevent the formation of new ones. Glycolic acid softens dead skin and removes existing seals. Oils and vitamins of group E soften and moisturize the skin and stimulate the regeneration of the epithelium. Menthol has a pronounced cooling effect on the skin, relieves fatigue and tones it.

"Super Antimozolin" is a cream for calluses on the feet, consisting of carbamide and lactic acid. It moisturizes the skin and removes calluses. Apply the cream in a thick layer to the lesion, cover with wax paper on top, and then put on woolen socks. After 2 hours, the softened skin is scraped off, and the remnants of the cream are washed off with warm water.

"Bensalitin" is a cream with a pronounced antiseptic and keratolytic effect. It is used exclusively for the removal of corns. Pre-make a foot bath and wipe them dry. Then the cream is applied to the corn, covered with a plaster and left for 2 hours, and then the plaster with the remnants of the ointment is carefully removed.

How to use callus creams

It is strictly forbidden to cut off a bump found in certain areas of the skin. It is necessary to begin to alleviate the symptoms of pathology. It is the callus creams that will help solve this problem. The composition of almost all creams of this pharmacological group includes salicylic acid. The cream is applied only to dry corn, as healthy skin can suffer from its aggressive action. To apply salicylic acid cream, a patch is used, in which a hole is made, corresponding to the size of the corn. This method of application protects the surrounding healthy tissue. Then apply a cream to the corn, and cover it with a second plaster on top. To make the ointment work better, it is recommended to steam your legs before applying it. The best way to do this is with a soda bath.

Creams containing natural oils are equally effective. They are applied twice a day and rubbed into rough skin with massage movements until the cream is completely absorbed. The first expected results will appear approximately 2 weeks after the start of treatment. The described procedure should be carried out until the callus completely disappears.

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