How To Quit Birth Control

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How To Quit Birth Control
How To Quit Birth Control

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Oral contraceptives are taken to prevent pregnancy or medicinally to correct hormonal imbalances. When the need for their use disappears, you need to stop taking the drug and determine further actions for yourself.

How to quit birth control
How to quit birth control


Gynecologist's consultation


Step 1

Before you stop taking contraceptives, consult your gynecologist. If the drugs were prescribed for the treatment of gynecological diseases, for example, with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, the duration of admission is determined by the doctor and depends on the effect achieved. You cannot stop taking the drug at will, it is fraught with complications, in this case, bleeding may resume.

Step 2

If you have been taking a hormonal drug for contraception and have decided to cancel, just finish the pack. After that, menstruation will come, the further choice of actions is yours. If you are planning a pregnancy, keep in mind that with prolonged use of the drug, it may take several months before ovulation is restored. And if you just decide to change the type of contraception, start using barrier or chemical methods of contraception.

Step 3

To select the most suitable contraceptive for you, go through an examination with a gynecologist. Your doctor will recommend birth control based on your individual needs. For some, vaginal pills will be the means of choice, for others it is more convenient to use condoms. But if you are not planning a pregnancy, use contraceptives without fail.

Step 4

The need to abruptly stop taking hormonal contraceptives may arise if complications appear. In case of sudden bleeding or sudden rises in blood pressure, stop taking the drug and consult your gynecologist immediately. The doctor will prescribe the necessary examinations, establish the cause of complications and determine further tactics.

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