How To Change Birth Control Pills

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How To Change Birth Control Pills
How To Change Birth Control Pills

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Birth control pills are one of the most popular methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Their appointment is carried out by a gynecologist, taking into account the characteristics of the woman's body. It is often necessary to change the birth control pill for other contraceptives. This must be done according to a special scheme.

How to change your birth control pills
How to change your birth control pills


Step 1

It is impossible to replace some contraceptive pills with others on your own, even in the event of side effects. Seek the advice of your doctor and discuss with him the reasons and methods of switching to another contraceptive method.

Step 2

In no case do not stop taking the pills without finishing the course. This can lead to menstrual irregularities, pregnancy and uterine bleeding. Finish off the hormonal pills to the end of the package and only then switch to another drug or completely cancel the intake. The only exception is the onset of pregnancy. If you diagnose this fact, stop taking contraceptives immediately.

Step 3

If you want to get pregnant and have been taking protection pills, you can stop taking them at any time without even finishing the packaging. But in this case, most likely, there will be bloody discharge, which will resemble menstruation. Only they will be less abundant and more prolonged. As a rule, such discharge lasts no more than 2 weeks.

Step 4

To change the 21-pill birth control pill, take the last pill and wait 7 days, then start the new pills. If there are 28 tablets in the package, you do not need to wait 7 days. Drink the last one and start taking a new contraceptive the next day. In the same way, you can switch from birth control pills to other types of contraception.

Step 5

If you make the transition from one contraceptive to another correctly, the risk of unwanted pregnancy will be minimal.

Step 6

There are times when the change of hormonal pills is accompanied by side effects: smearing vaginal discharge, nausea, headaches. As a rule, these ailments quickly pass and do not require stopping the use of contraceptives.

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