How To Switch From One Contraceptive To Another

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How To Switch From One Contraceptive To Another
How To Switch From One Contraceptive To Another

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Since birth control pills are primarily hormonal agents, unwanted side effects may occur during use. Therefore, from time to time, women have to switch from one oral contraceptive to another, but such a transition must be made according to certain rules.

How to switch from one contraceptive to another
How to switch from one contraceptive to another


Consultation with a gynecologist


Step 1

See your gynecologist. Since birth control pills affect your hormonal system, the body gets used to them over time, and changing the drug is undesirable for it, as it is a kind of "shake-up". In order to avoid such a "shake-up", first consult with your gynecologist. Only an experienced doctor can assess the significance of the reasons why you decided to change one pill to another, and, if necessary, choose a new remedy. You should not make your own decision in order to avoid the onset of unwanted pregnancy and new health problems.

Step 2

Start taking new pills without breaking your usual schedule if you switch to a higher ethinyl estradiol dosage. At this stage, it is important to preserve the validity of the old pills and start contraception with a new drug on time. If your previous OK contains 21 tablets, you must complete the packaging completely, then wait for the withdrawal period for seven days. On the eighth day, start taking the new drug, no matter if it contains 21 or 28 tablets. If your previous drug contains 28 tablets per pack, then start taking a new one the next day after they end. In no case do not take breaks and do not wait until menstruation is over - new OK should replace the old ones so that the body does not have time to rebuild and “understand” that you have changed the pills. Then take birth control as described in their instructions.

Step 3

Start a new drug without a seven-day break (if you are taking 21 tablets) or by skipping the inactive tablets (if you are taking 28 tablets) if the new drug contains the same or lower dose of entinylestradiol or contains only a gestagenic drug.

Step 4

Use additional contraceptive methods. The contraceptive pill manufacturers ensure that there is no threat of unwanted pregnancy when switching from one product to another, as long as you do not take breaks between doses and do not violate the instructions. However, while your body is rebuilding and adjusting to a new, unfamiliar remedy, a fraction of the percentage of pregnancy is still preserved. For your own reassurance and complete exclusion of conception in the first week after switching from one remedy to another, it is better to use additional protection.

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