How To Stop Burping

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How To Stop Burping
How To Stop Burping

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There are many reasons for burping. This condition is provoked by physical activity, abundant food intake. In some cases, belching is a sign of a gastrointestinal disease, such as gastritis. If the symptom manifests itself often, this is a reason to visit a doctor. However, sometimes the belching is caught by surprise, there are no medications at hand. What to do? How to stop burping without medication?

How to stop burping
How to stop burping

Any ailment is better prevented than treated. This principle also applies to belching. If you are sure that the excessive release of air from the stomach is not a symptom of any pathology, then you need to pay attention to your habits.

To prevent the occurrence of belching, you need to eat slowly, while eating, do not have active conversations. With an increased tendency to belching, it is recommended to minimize the use of foods that cause fermentation in the intestines.

You should also give up drinking coffee and strong tea on an empty stomach, exclude carbonated drinks from the diet, and do not gorge yourself abundantly before bedtime. If the belching still occurs, then you can try to get rid of it with home remedies.

What to do with belching to relieve the condition

  1. In some cases, belching can occur due to increased pressure on the stomach area. An uncomfortable posture, especially while eating, or tight clothing can provoke the condition. If the symptom has already made itself felt, you should not go to bed, you need to move a little, walk around. It will be useful to change into loose clothing.
  2. Weak herbal teas can help calm belching. In some cases, motherwort in tablets helps out.
  3. Raspberry tea or ginger infusion are two effective remedies that reduce gas and stop belching. Drinking drinks should be leisurely, in small sips. They should not be too hot.
  4. If, in combination with belching, severe malaise arises and you still want to lie down, then you need to sit on your right side and pull your knees closer to your chest. In some cases, this position helps to cope with the release of air from the stomach.
  5. Goat milk will help alleviate the condition. It is enough to drink one glass of fresh milk after meals to prevent belching.
  6. A relaxation session or a short meditation will help you calm down, relieve tension and, as a result, stop strong belching. During a period of relaxation or meditation, it is very important to breathe regularly, deeply and calmly.
  7. Clove oil and magnesium, diluted in water, relieve stomach cramps.
  8. To get rid of the bloating sensation, reduce gas formation and stop belching with air, you need to chew a couple of pieces of cardamom. This spice has a beneficial effect on the stomach. If cardamom is not on hand, you can substitute basil for it. It is easiest to prepare an infusion from basil against belching: pour the leaves of the herb with hot water, let it brew for 15 minutes, and then add a little honey to the drink.
  9. A salad of fresh carrots and apples helps with such ailment. It is enough to eat just a couple of spoons to stop belching. The salad can be replaced with apple and carrot juice.
  10. Another effective option is a mixture of liquid honey, aloe juice and viburnum. This folk remedy helps not only to stop strong and frequent belching, but also to prevent it if you consume the mixture one spoon at a time in the morning before eating.

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