Contraception: Myths And Reality

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Contraception: Myths And Reality
Contraception: Myths And Reality

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There is only one way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy - by choosing a reliable method of contraception. But despite the abundance of medicines, unplanned pregnancy still remains at a high level, due to the fact that many women trust the old grandmother's methods of contraception.

Contraception: myths and reality
Contraception: myths and reality

Myths and realities of modern contraception

Every woman knows her menstrual cycle and tries to choose a day on which conception is impossible. In principle, with a standard cycle of 28 days, days from 10 to 17 are considered the most dangerous, ovulation usually occurs on days 12-13. But sperm can remain active for several days, so the calendar method is not the best way to protect yourself, because there is always the possibility of shortening or lengthening the cycle due to health problems, weather, physical activity.

Some women who already have 1-2 children naively believe that it is impossible to get pregnant during menstruation. This assumption is also erroneous, there are cases when not one, but two or more eggs ripen, one of which is fertilized during menstruation. In addition, sperm cells remain active for about three more days, by which time menstruation may end.

Relying on this misconception, about 10% of women have abortions in the first year after giving birth. On the one hand, the reproductive function is suppressed by hormones produced during lactation, on the other hand, in order for these hormones to be sufficient, it is necessary to feed the child every three hours.

Any oral contraceptives are 99.7% effective, because they do not allow the egg cell to ripen from the fallopian tube into the uterus, where fertilization takes place. Oral contraceptives will not be effective if a woman forgets to take them on time, and according to statistics, there are about 70% of them.

One of the common grandmother's methods for unwanted pregnancy, which consists in the fact that it is necessary to wash or dab with water with the addition of vinegar or lemon, because the acidic environment kills sperm. From one country, the statement is true, sperm die in an acidic environment, but there is a chance of getting a burn of the mucous membrane, and it is very problematic to flush all the internal organs.

Another myth invented by uneducated women. Hormonal pills are one of the most effective methods of contraception. With prolonged use of them, the likelihood of developing cancer of the ovaries and uterus is halved. Oral contraceptives should be selected only by a competent endocrinologist-gynecologist after hormone tests. In no case should you choose drugs for yourself on your own, it is then that they can do harm.

The possibility of getting pregnant persists for a couple of years after the cessation of menstruation, so the absence of menstruation is also protection against unplanned pregnancy.

There is an opinion that an intrauterine device, loops and umbrellas can be installed only for women who have already given birth to a child. Such means of protection are suitable for women of any age, the whole problem is that they are installed for 5-10 years. For those planning a pregnancy, this method of contraception is not suitable in the near future.

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