How The Bastard Is Used For Medicinal Purposes

How The Bastard Is Used For Medicinal Purposes
How The Bastard Is Used For Medicinal Purposes

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The fat woman or the money tree has always been considered a symbol of material well-being and prosperity in the family. But not everyone knows that in terms of its medicinal properties, the fat woman is several times superior to the usual aloe and Kalanchoe. How to use the bastard for medicinal purposes?

How to use the fat woman for medicinal purposes
How to use the fat woman for medicinal purposes

To answer this question, you need to know what substances are included in the plant. The fat woman is rich in flavonoids and phytoncides, which determine the healing properties of the money tree.

To get rid of problems with the epidermis, you have to use expensive creams and ointments, but the fat woman can easily cope with most of them.

For the treatment of herpes, psoriasis, lichen, eczema and allergic rashes, it is necessary to take 5-6 large leaves, grind to a mushy state and apply to the inflamed area, it is necessary to keep the bandage for at least three to four hours.

To get rid of this problem, it is necessary to prepare a tincture from the money tree, from which the compress is made. To prepare the tincture, you need to take several branches along with the leaves of the jerky, chop them and pour vodka in a ratio of one to two and put in a dark place for one month. The container with the setting must be shaken from time to time. After the lapse of time, using this tincture, you can make compresses on the affected veins.

Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, the fat woman helps to cope with hemorrhoids, helps to eliminate burning sensation and resorption of nodes.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, an ointment is prepared from the fat woman. To do this, the washed and dried leaves are passed through a meat grinder, the juice is squeezed out of the resulting pulp into a glass container, a little squeeze and petroleum jelly and the consistency of thick sour cream are added. The resulting ointment is placed in the anus two to three times a day, this procedure helps to cope not only with hemorrhoids, but with anal fissures.

With a stuffy nose, as well as with a chronic rhinitis, a fat woman comes to the rescue again. For treatment, you need to take a leaf of a monkey tree, cut it lengthwise and squeeze out the juice, mix it with boiled water in a ratio of one to two and instill one drop into the nose every hour.

To eliminate nail fungus, the medical industry offers many different products, but they are usually expensive. To get rid of this misfortune, you need to thoroughly steam your legs, wipe them dry and attach a piece of fat woman, cut lengthwise, to the affected area. This procedure is repeated several times, after which the fungus leaves without a trace.

To reduce joint pain, gruel is prepared from the monkey tree, using both leaves and small twigs. Shoots are crushed and applied to a sore spot, covered with a clean cloth on top. In no case should you use cellophane or cling film. The bastard compress is left overnight, washed with warm water in the morning and lubricated with cream. The effect is observed after the first procedure.

Thanks to its unique composition, the bastard helps to cure chronic tonsillitis. During an exacerbation, it is necessary to take 5 leaves of a money tree, rinse them from dust and pour 3 \ 4 cups of hot water, after cooling, the solution can be used for rinsing. To eliminate inflammation in the throat, the procedure must be repeated up to 5 times a day.

To relieve the aching and sharp pain, it is necessary to take a leaf of the fat woman and chew it thoroughly, but it is not recommended to swallow it, since the plant contains arsenic.

Like any other medicine, the fat woman has its own contraindications. Any settings made from this plant are strictly prohibited to use inside.Some people are allergic to bastard, therefore, before you start making compresses or lotions, you need to make sure that there is no such reaction to the juice. To do this, a few drops of the fat woman drip onto the elbow and wait a couple of hours.

In addition to its healing properties, the money tree (it is also called the monkey) tree serves as a natural filter for air purification in a living room, helps to attract positive energy to the home.

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