What You Can't Drink On An Empty Stomach

What You Can't Drink On An Empty Stomach
What You Can't Drink On An Empty Stomach

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Even a healthy person, having consumed some drinks on an empty stomach, may experience discomfort or even feel an attack of heartburn. People, who already have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, need to be very careful in choosing what to drink on an empty stomach. What drinks should not be consumed during an attack of hunger, on an empty stomach?

What you can't drink on an empty stomach
What you can't drink on an empty stomach

Milk. Neither warm nor cold milk can be drunk on an empty stomach. This is especially dangerous for those people who, in principle, have a hard time tolerating dairy products. Their milk can cause cramping pain, provoke diarrhea. For healthy people, this drink will not bring especially strong harm, however, there will be no benefit from it, unless it quenches thirst and moistens the throat. The fact is that proteins in milk are instantly broken down if the drink is drunk on an empty stomach. They are quickly eliminated from the body without bringing any benefit.

Yoghurts, kefir and fermented baked milk. Such foods are not recommended to be eaten again on an empty stomach because they will not be beneficial. The bacteria that live in fermented milk products die at one point, once they enter an empty stomach. In addition, some people may experience discomfort from drinking such drinks due to the fact that they have a characteristic acidity and can irritate the mucous membranes of internal organs.

Cold mineral water. Any ice cold drinks are contraindicated for consumption on an empty stomach. They provoke stomach and intestinal cramps. Mineral water with gases can irritate the digestive tract, which can lead to the development of inflammatory processes.

Carbonated sweet drinks. Lemonades should not be drunk on an empty stomach. They easily cause heartburn, with frequent use, there is a risk of gastritis or ulcers. Such drinks impair digestion, reduce the amount of blood that goes to the digestive tract.

Hawthorn tea. This drink is very beneficial throughout the day as long as you don't drink it on an empty stomach. Hawthorn nourishes the body with the necessary vitamins and substances. However, if you drink hawthorn tea on an empty stomach, you can provoke a sharp increase in acidity, which will lead to unpleasant sensations.

Coffee. Despite the fact that it is coffee that is considered a morning drink, you should not drink it instead of food or some time before a meal. Coffee provokes increased secretion of bile, which injures the gastrointestinal tract if the body has no food and nothing to digest. Coffee also affects the acidity of the stomach. A flavored drink drunk on an empty stomach can provoke cutting pain in the abdomen, discomfort, heartburn and nausea.

Juices and fruit drinks. Any acidic drinks should not be drunk on an empty stomach. They injure the walls of the organ, impair digestion, and can lead to the development of inflammation and various painful conditions. You should not drink orange juice, cranberry juice, multifruit juice and so on on an empty stomach.

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