How To Mentally Tune In To Weight Loss

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How To Mentally Tune In To Weight Loss
How To Mentally Tune In To Weight Loss

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It turns out that a psychologically correct and positive attitude can help you lose calories and keep yourself in shape. We study gastronomic psychology and start losing weight right now!

How to mentally tune in to weight loss
How to mentally tune in to weight loss

The main rules of a reasonable approach to your diet

Enjoy your meal. There is no point in giving up your favorite unhealthy food if you are not ready for it. Even if you go overboard and eat lettuce instead of fried potatoes, the potatoes will most likely win in the end. You should want to eat healthy food, and not torment yourself with daily torment over a plate of borscht.

Eat when you are really hungry. The most common reason for being overweight is when a person, for whatever reason, eats more than their body needs. To avoid this, have a meal plan. For 10 days, write down everything you eat, at what time and under what conditions. This will help you figure out the reasons for the extra portion and learn how to deal with or avoid them.

Don't give up sweets. It is better to eat a piece of chocolate if you wish, than to endure and suffer for a week, and then eat a whole bar and suffer from remorse. Or you can eat something sweet but healthy - dried fruits or a little natural honey.

Choose what you like. Before eating, think about what you really want at the moment, and do not eat what first comes to hand. After all, later it may turn out that you wanted something else and therefore you will have to eat this one more.

Tip: don't weigh yourself too often, once a week is enough. And remember, it's not how much you weigh that matters, but how you look.

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