How To Quickly Cure A Child Of A Cough

How To Quickly Cure A Child Of A Cough
How To Quickly Cure A Child Of A Cough

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People leave large sums of money in pharmacies when it comes to child health. But there are several points that, together, will help cure a child's cough in the shortest possible time.

Treating a child for cough
Treating a child for cough

A cough is a symptom that occurs against the background of microbes entering the human body and is a protective reaction. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of a lingering cough, especially in childhood.

From October to April, it is not very difficult for a child to become infected with an acute respiratory viral infection. Children who visit crowded places, such as kindergarten and school, are especially susceptible to this. Any ARVI with a weakened immunity can turn into complications such as pharyngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis.

There are two main types of coughs - dry and wet coughs. Dry cough occurs at the onset of the disease, sputum is not separated during it. Over time, a dry cough develops into a wet cough, which promotes the excretion of phlegm. In this case, the patient's recovery process is accelerated. The primary task is to help the body quickly convert a dry cough into a wet one.

The main helpers in the treatment of dry cough are expectorant and mucolytic drugs. To prescribe to a child, especially if the baby is under 3 years old, no medication is recommended on its own. They can only be prescribed by a doctor, after examining the child's throat and listening to breathing with a stethoscope.

But drugs alone are not enough for productive treatment. There are several steps that work together to help your child get rid of their cough in a short time.

Step one. It is necessary to ensure the air temperature in the child's room is within 18-20 degrees and the air humidity at the level of 50-70 percent. You can achieve the required level of humidity with a humidifier and daily cleaning. To track this level, a special device called a hygrometer must be installed in the room. The main condition for the correct operation of the hygrometer is not to install it near sources of humidity. Cool humid air will prevent the phlegm from drying out.

Step two. If the child does not have a fever, walks in the fresh air help speed up recovery. In particular, in case of bronchitis, the pastel mode is highly discouraged. It is possible that the child's cough will intensify on the street, but in no case should this be a reason to return home faster. Such a reaction of the body to a walk suggests that the sputum has begun to liquefy, and the body is trying to get rid of it, which has a positive effect on the path to recovery.

Step three. For frequent dry coughs, it is very effective to use an inhalation device called a nebulizer. Inhalation of ordinary pharmacy saline solution (aqueous sodium chloride solution) promotes the dilution of sputum and the rapid transition of a dry cough into a wet cough. The dosage of saline and medications that need to be connected to it can only be suggested by a doctor, focusing on the age of the child and the type of disease.

Step four. With bronchitis, small children are shown acupressure. Place the baby on your knees with the belly towards you so that the buttocks are higher than the head, and tap on the back in the lungs. And then abruptly plant him and order him to clear his throat. This massage is especially effective after inhalation, when the phlegm is thinned and easier to cough up.

Step five. In terms of its medicinal properties, the pharmacy "Chest collection No. 4" is not nearly inferior to syrups and tablets, which also helps to get rid of a lingering cough. Its composition is completely natural. It includes wild rosemary shoots, violets, chamomile flowers, calendula, mint leaves and licorice root.

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