How To Quickly Get Rid Of A Hangover Without Pills And Calling A Doctor At Home

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How To Quickly Get Rid Of A Hangover Without Pills And Calling A Doctor At Home
How To Quickly Get Rid Of A Hangover Without Pills And Calling A Doctor At Home

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The fact that alcohol is evil and drinking is harmful to health is known to many, but some remember the harmful effects of alcoholic beverages on the body only in the morning after drinking, when the head is cracking with a hangover, and the body refuses to get out of bed. And no matter how many others warn that drinking is harmful, there are still those who for a while forget about the problems, plunging into the maelstrom of alcoholic oblivion, called binge. For such individuals, the question of how to quickly get rid of a hangover is especially acute, because they never think about pills for a sore head in advance.

How to get rid of a hangover
How to get rid of a hangover

If you drink a lot of alcohol in the evening, even mixing it in different proportions, the next morning, after the alarm clock rings or the grumbling of a disgruntled wife, all the signs of hangover will make themselves felt. Here are the most obvious ones:

  • head splits;
  • nausea rolls up to a dry throat;
  • ringing in the ears; cockroaches stomp loudly, and green devils dance right on the crown;
  • I want to drink, sleep, pretend to be a stone / log, so that no one touches it.

And if, in addition to these unpleasant symptoms of a severe hangover, is added the need to travel on business or go to work, this is generally kaput. And okay, if the spouse brings three aspirin tablets and a glass of water, or gives them Antipochmelin, Alkozeltser or Regidron, and if the lady has nothing? How to quickly get rid of a hangover without taking pills and without calling a narcologist with droppers at home? Proven folk methods and recipes will help.

Pickle familiar to everyone from childhood

Even a child who grew up in a normal Soviet family knew about a proven remedy for a severe hangover - the pickle left in a jar from pickles, tomatoes or sauerkraut. After drinking a couple of glasses of this "anti-hangover" remedy, dad came to his senses, began to look and feel better. Now many people also remember the beneficial properties of brine, which normalizes the water-salt balance. However, it must be borne in mind that marinades cannot be drunk - they contain vinegar or citric acid, various spices. It is necessary to use for sobering purposes only the purest, like a tear, brine, instantly returning to life.

Rescue mineral water

Cold mineral water without gas helps to remove alcohol decomposition products from the body, helps with dehydration and vomiting. It can also be replaced with homemade kvass, the main thing is to drink more so that the headache goes away, stops nausea and nausea. You should not drink soda with gas from a hangover.

Green tea with lemon and honey

By adding a little honey and lemon juice to healthy green tea, you can tone up the body, speed up metabolism, and quickly remove alcohol breakdown products. Also, this drink will relieve tremors, headaches and nausea. You will have to drink 4-6 cups, but the condition will improve faster than from taking the pills.

Kefir of any fat content

A fermented milk drink will help remove toxins, quench your thirst, and soothe a rebellious stomach and intestines. After drinking half a liter of kefir for a couple of hours, you can see that the head has stopped hurting, the stomach does not twist, and the little green men have imperceptibly disappeared from the horizon.

Hot food (soup, scrambled eggs, porridge)

Many, after waking up from a hangover, cannot even hear about food, and in vain. Hot scrambled eggs or a bowl of chicken broth will help speed up metabolism and elimination of toxins, relieve fumes, and improve condition. However, if you feel sick in the morning, you should first induce vomiting in any way, and only then eat something.

Also, to get rid of a hangover, it is recommended to take a contrast shower, switching the water to a cooler one to invigorate. A walk in the fresh air, cranberry juice, freshly squeezed fruit juice will help.However, in order not to suffer from nausea and headache in the morning, it is better not to drink alcohol at all. This bad habit has a detrimental effect on health, harms the heart, nervous system, including relatives.

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