How To Use Aloe For Weight Loss

How To Use Aloe For Weight Loss
How To Use Aloe For Weight Loss

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Previously, aloe could be found on the windowsills of many people. But even now this plant is widely used in folk medicine, cosmetology. Aloe is rightfully called a home doctor. But not everyone knows that you can use it for weight loss. Moreover, you can lose weight without harm to the body, but certain rules must be followed.

Aloe for weight loss
Aloe for weight loss

Aloe has many beneficial properties, some of which are important for weight loss:

  • elimination of toxins from the body;
  • elimination of fat accumulations;
  • improving digestion, accelerating metabolism.

There are many effective diets, but the most difficult thing is not to withstand the course of losing weight, and not to break after, otherwise the gained kilograms will quickly return to their places. With aloe, you can not worry about this if you use the plant correctly.

Mature leaves have more beneficial properties. Their length should be at least fifteen centimeters. You can even use those whose ends have begun to dry out. Tear off the leaves at the very base, you can store them outdoors, but no more than three hours. After this time, the beneficial properties will disappear. In order for the leaves to retain their benefits longer, you can put them in the refrigerator, after wrapping them in cling film.

Aloe juice is easy to get. For this, the shoots are stored in the refrigerator for ten days (temperature no more than eight degrees). Then they are washed, crushed, squeezed through cheesecloth. The resulting juice is boiled for three minutes.

To lose weight, you need to drink 30 ml of the received juice daily on an empty stomach. The weight loss course is three months. This simple procedure will help activate metabolic processes.

Another recipe is also simple: brew chamomile or herbal tea, add a spoonful of aloe juice and two tablespoons of honey to it. They also drink on an empty stomach.

Despite the benefits of aloe, the plant should not be considered a panacea. Losing weight should be comprehensive: you need to revise your diet, play sports, and carry out cosmetic procedures.

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