How To Observe The Curd Fasting Day

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How To Observe The Curd Fasting Day
How To Observe The Curd Fasting Day

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The body must rest from heavy food and malnutrition. For this, a curd fasting day was invented, which is also a good option for a simple express weight loss! In order for such an unloading to have a visible effect, it is worth resorting to it twice a week. Then you will not only cleanse the body of toxins, but also shed some excess weight without harming your health! Remember that cottage cheese should be included in the diet even when leaving the express diet.

How to observe the curd fasting day
How to observe the curd fasting day

Features of the curd fasting day

A day on cottage cheese can be called a protein day. Therefore, it is rather difficult for the body to endure it, because the body gets its main energy from carbohydrates. So you should not resort to such unloading on those days when you need to perform complex mental work, develop creative thinking. Various sports activities during cottage cheese-unloading days are welcome - protein will restore muscles, therefore, even after the most exhausting workout, you will feel great! Choose for yourself a special set of exercises to work out exactly those muscle groups that interest you.

Just don't forget about willpower: on such days, try not to include anything on the menu that is outside the scope of this diet. Otherwise, you will simply waste your time, and it will not be very pleasant.

Sample menu

So, your menu at the unloading day will consist of two packs of cottage cheese (the total weight is about a pound). You can drink a couple of glasses of green tea a day. Of course, you shouldn't add sugar to tea, at least not in large quantities. If you do not like dry cottage cheese, then replace one pack with two glasses of low-fat milk. You can pour them a pack of cottage cheese and eat it like this.

Unloading on kefir and cottage cheese

An equally popular option for a fasting day is kefir-curd. Cottage cheese can be diluted with kefir. Take two packs of low-fat cottage cheese per day, as well as two glasses of kefir with a fat content of no more than one percent. Drink the last glass of kefir a few hours before bedtime, but not just before bedtime.

Unloading on cottage cheese and apples

In this version, you will have two packs of cottage cheese with two apples per day. Divide this amount by five meals. Yes, you may feel hungry throughout the day, but it's worth it!

Unloading for pregnant women

Curd day-unloading is so useful that it is often recommended even for pregnant women! Then your diet will consist of three packs of low-fat curd and two glasses of unsweetened green tea. Eat small portions at regular intervals. You should resort to such a fasting day only after consulting your doctor!

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