How To Lose Weight With A Shrimp Diet

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How To Lose Weight With A Shrimp Diet
How To Lose Weight With A Shrimp Diet

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Many girls dream not only of an effective diet, but also of a delicious one. If you are also looking for such a diet, then it is in front of you! Shrimp have a great nutritional value, with this seafood you can lose weight if you take it seriously.

How to lose weight with a shrimp diet
How to lose weight with a shrimp diet

The benefits of shrimp

Shrimps are loved by many for their unusual taste. But they are also useful! By the way, they can be safely attributed to dietary products. Here's what's in shrimp:

  • a small amount of fat - only 8%;
  • omega acids (they are required for women's health);
  • silicon, vitamin B - this has a good effect on the condition of curls, nails, skin.

Of course, shrimp must be chosen correctly for an effective diet. Quality seafood should have a uniform pinkish color. Spots on shrimp are a sign of re-freezing.

The main rules of the diet

So, on shrimp it is worth losing weight within seven to ten days. Seafood should be eaten boiled, you can grill it. But the fried version is allowed, but you should not get carried away with it. Eat about 350 grams of product per day.

But you can eat not only shrimp. Eat starch-free vegetables. Better raw. Garlic, onions, herbs - all this should be present in the diet. By the way, these ingredients will make a wonderful shrimp sauce!

Be sure to cut back on fruit as much as possible, with the exception of lemons. From them, you can also make a good sauce for shrimps, vegetable salads. Lemon will improve the taste of any dish, help the absorption of iron, which is quite abundant in this seafood.

You can pamper yourself with wild berries, green apples - this will be a dessert. But sweet, harmful semi-finished products, flour - out of the diet!

If you feel very hungry, supplement the menu with a piece of boiled chicken, but still try to do without it! Still, the diet is not strict anyway.

Drink plenty of juice (exclusively natural), water, milk (buy non-fat).

Three-day diet: shrimp + apples

So, for three days, you can eat any amount of shrimp, they should be boiled in slightly salted water (although it is better to refuse salt altogether). The number of apples is not limited. From liquids - still water, unsweetened tea or coffee. In three days, it is enough to simply throw off up to three kilograms of excess weight!

This method of losing weight is allowed to be used once a month - these are also good fasting days for the body. Of course, losing weight must be approached in a comprehensive manner. Start eating right, don't forget about sports!

Weekly Shrimp Diet

Here you are allowed to eat 350 grams of shrimp every day, a third - you can fry! Also, eat up to a kilogram of vegetables a day (tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots). Be sure to include greens in the diet. You can prepare a salad from boiled beets. Just take oil for refueling, do not abuse mayonnaise.

In a week, you can lose up to three kilograms of weight. You may consider that the first option is then more profitable - a shorter period and the same result. But at the same time, a weekly diet is healthy - you are not particularly hungry, but you are losing weight!

By the way, you can add olive oil, lemon juice, grated garlic, herbs to boiled shrimps to diversify their taste. Eat four meals a day. To diversify the menu, cook shrimp soup with vegetables or bake it all in the oven.


Before this diet, you should consult a doctor, because many are allergic to seafood. In the presence of diseases of the liver, thyroid gland, as well as all those who have conjunctivitis or allergic rhinitis, the diet is contraindicated!

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