How To Lose Weight With A Wine Diet

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How To Lose Weight With A Wine Diet
How To Lose Weight With A Wine Diet

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Red wine is a very healthy drink, of course, if you do not overuse it. Therefore, a wine diet is a good way to lose weight for all those who often include a glass of quality wine in their diet. Most diets prohibit the use of any alcoholic beverages, citing high calorie content. But this does not apply to the wine diet - here the wine will only be beneficial. With its help, you can lose up to five kilograms in just five days. This diet is also suitable for people who have low hemoglobin levels.

How to lose weight with a wine diet
How to lose weight with a wine diet

Diet features

Of course, you can't do without rules. They must be observed, otherwise it will not be possible to lose weight with the help of a wine diet. To begin with, you must completely eliminate sweets from the diet. Only sweeteners can be used.

Do not add salt to your food! After all, salt retains excess fluid in the body, and with it toxins that accumulate there constantly.

Eating during the diet should be exclusively natural products. Give up semi-finished products, do not visit cafes that provide fast food. Although this rule is perhaps worth observing all your life.

On a wine diet, you can only drink water and red wine. Even tea is excluded - be it black or green!

Diet menu

So, the diet of a wine diet includes five tomatoes, the same amount of cucumbers, apples (an unsweetened variety is taken) and eggs. And also for five days of the diet, you need to buy a kilogram of low-fat cottage cheese and a bottle of quality wine.

Every day in the morning, eat one egg with a tomato, then an apple for lunch, 200 grams of cottage cheese and a cucumber for lunch. In the evening he drinks a glass of wine. Buy red dry wine. Drink about 150 ml per day - one bottle should be enough for you for all five days of the diet!

As a result, in five days you will really lose weight, acquire a clearer silhouette of your figure. But still, do not forget about physical exercises, cosmetics to maintain the beauty and shape of the body! And do not forget to consult a doctor before starting a wine diet!

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