How Do People Get AIDS

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How Do People Get AIDS
How Do People Get AIDS

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AIDS is a disease caused by the immunodeficiency virus. Today in the world there is no cure for this ailment, but there are a large number of drugs that help prolong the life of the affected person. Many carriers of these diseases do not even suspect about infection, obvious signs do not appear immediately, so it is necessary to undergo regular examinations and do not forget about prevention.

How do people get AIDS
How do people get AIDS


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HIV and AIDS are transmitted in three ways: sexual, parenteral and perinatal. You can only get infected through close interactions. Through handshakes, the use of common objects, airborne droplets, these diseases cannot enter the body.

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Viruses are sexually transmitted. An infected partner can infect their lover through semen or vaginal secretions. The likelihood of the disease increases with anal sex, since a large number of microtraumas occur, and infection easily penetrates through them. In order not to get sick, it is worth giving up casual sexual intercourse, as well as using barrier methods of contraception.

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AIDS can be passed from mother to child. The chance of infection during pregnancy is about 50%. Often, infection does not occur at the time of gestation, but during childbirth or immediately after it. Transmission of the virus through mother's milk is also possible. Today, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of having a sick baby to an infected mother. Special preparations help to bring up completely healthy babies.

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The most common mode of transmission is through blood. This is possible with injections with a single syringe, which was very common in the 90s. Perhaps through blood transfusion, but over the past decade these are isolated cases, since donors undergo a whole range of tests that guarantee the safety of materials. Infection is possible when applying a tattoo, during piercing punctures. Any contact with the blood of an infected person is contraindicated.

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There is currently no vaccine to prevent infection. The main prevention is informing people about the ways of transmission of this disease. Each person himself can take measures in order not to get infected. And it is highly recommended to be tested for HIV infection once a year. This can be done at any clinic.

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