How Not To Get Salmonellosis

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How Not To Get Salmonellosis
How Not To Get Salmonellosis

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Salmonellosis is an acute infectious disease caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella. These "provocateurs" of the disease enter the human body together with food products of animal origin. In order not to get infected with salmonellosis, you need to follow certain rules of protection from this insidious enemy.

How not to get salmonellosis
How not to get salmonellosis


  • - water;
  • - disinfectants;
  • - fresh food.


Step 1

In order not to become infected with salmonellosis, you need to learn about the ways in which bacteria of the genus Salmonella enter the body. The first way is unwashed hands. In addition, you can become infected with salmonellosis through contact and everyday life, that is, through care items, toys and much more, which the sick person touched.

Step 2

As a rule, bacteria of the genus Salmonella are killed by boiling for three minutes, but there are also special forms that can withstand higher temperatures. In view of this, heat treatment of care items is essential. Pay special attention to disinfection if there are small children in the house, because they pull all objects into their mouths, and therefore the risk of infecting babies with salmonellosis increases.

Step 3

Remember that the risk of contracting salmonellosis is great if you drink water from open bodies of water. Also, you cannot cook food with water taken from a ground well. However, even untreated tap water can pose a serious hazard.

Step 4

Avoid shopping for dairy and meat products in spontaneous markets. In addition, carefully monitor the expiration date of the purchased products: do not buy expired products, as well as products that are improperly stored or with leaky packaging.

Step 5

The category of "unreliable" food includes pates, semi-finished meat products, sausages and other meat products. In addition, often chicken eggs are also contaminated with salmonella.

Step 6

Do not eat raw sausages or drink unpasteurized milk. As for products containing raw eggs (bird's milk or meringues), they can only be consumed very fresh.

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