The Montignac Diet

The Montignac Diet
The Montignac Diet

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Not only lovely ladies are constantly looking for ways to find a wasp waist and 42 sizes. Many nutritionists pay special attention to the problem of losing weight. For example, Michel Montignac, a Frenchman who worked in the pharmaceutical industry, known precisely for his unusual diet. He came up with his own, special way of fighting for ideal parameters.

The Montignac Diet
The Montignac Diet

The complexity of this diet lies in the fact that having modeled a special diet, you will have to adhere to it throughout your life, otherwise there is a risk of the return of fats that have left your body, and even in the company of "comrades".

The Frenchman concluded that due to improper nutrition, obesity appears and the work of the pancreas is disrupted. And I decided that in order to get rid of the broad bone syndrome, one should simply adjust the work of this organ. And he offered several rules on how to do this painlessly.

What is not allowed

  • It is necessary to give up bad carbohydrates, which lead to an increased release of insulin into the blood. Namely: sugar, cakes, sweets, preserves.
  • The use of industrially processed products is not allowed. This includes bread, namely white as well as white polished rice, potatoes and corn.
  • There is a complete rejection of any alcoholic beverages, even low-alcohol ones.
  • Sausages containing starch and flour, and with them a variety of sausages, are declared potentially dangerous and are excluded from the diet.

What can

On the other hand, good carbohydrates are welcome. Namely: coarse grains, legumes, and lentils.

Fruits and vegetables are allowed for consumption, only it is necessary to opt for those that contain a large amount of fiber, and vice versa - with a minimum of glucose.

Separate meals are one of the whales on which the diet is kept. This means that in no case can bad carbohydrates and lipids mix with each other.

The three-hour rule: After a meal full of carbohydrates, you can eat food containing fat only after three hours. Conversely, with regard to fatty foods and carbohydrates.

Breakfast doesn't start with coffee - breakfast starts with fruit. They are digested by the stomach in just 15 minutes, stimulating the intestines.

The signature dish of every dinner you eat will be a legume dish. Delicious mashed peas, bean lobio are simply delicious.

The most severe prohibition of salt and mayonnaise, they are joined by ketchup and other sauces, as well as spices. Eating at least three times a day, strictly on schedule. Do not drink anything before eating, while drinking as little as possible.

Try to preserve all the properties when cooking.

It is believed that after a certain time, the body itself gets used to such a diet and regulates the required amount of food.

Good luck in achieving health!

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