The Atkins Diet: Eat Everything

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The Atkins Diet: Eat Everything
The Atkins Diet: Eat Everything

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Cardiologist Robert K. Atkins used his example to popularize a truly revolutionary method of losing weight. In 1972, his book, Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, was published. The main tenet of the Atkins diet is to give up fast carbohydrates.

The Atkins Diet: Eat Everything
The Atkins Diet: Eat Everything

The Atkins Diet: Pros and Cons

The Atkins Diet will not allow you to experience severe restrictions. The main argument in favor of choosing this weight loss system is complete freedom, that is, everything is possible, almost everything. Losing weight will avoid the stress of malnutrition. The effect is achieved quickly.

The Atkins diet has garnered many positive reviews from Hollywood stars and many famous people in the world.

However, opponents of a diet that allows you to eat everything and at the same time lose weight claim that the Atkins technique is certain death. The arguments are especially convincing after the tragic death of the inventor of the revolutionary method in 2003. Dr. Atkins died from hitting his head on the sidewalk. At the same time, the reasons for the fall are still shrouded in mystery. The most common version is that the death of the cardiologist came from another heart attack. In addition, the official report mentions his heart disease. At the time of the fatal fall on the sidewalk, the body weight of Robert Atkins exceeded 116 kg.

Against this background, the benefits of the Atkins diet seem hazy. Despite the fact that the nutrition system developed by the doctor was supposed not only to help lose weight, but to positively affect the activity of the heart system, the fact remains: the cardiologist Atkins himself was not able to achieve positive results for his own health with the help of his diet, although at first a decrease the weight was rapid.

How to follow the Atkins diet

To follow the Atkins diet, you do not need to calculate calories and memorize the menu for a week, you just have to give up food consisting of refined carbohydrates, keeping the usual amount of protein and, amazingly, fat in your diet. In the language of the layman, a taboo is imposed on buns, muffins, cakes, sweets, sweets and pastries. The plate should contain any meat, including pork, fish, poultry, eggs, fats and oils.

Carbohydrates are the main "evil" that inhibits weight loss and leads to obesity. In the body, carbohydrates provoke a jump in blood glucose, the release of insulin, which should help to absorb glucose faster. As a result, insulin shock. A drop in blood glucose makes you want to eat something.

If you get energy not from carbohydrates, but from fats and proteins, then carbohydrate starvation will provoke fat oxidation, and proteins will speed up metabolism. This is how weight loss will occur, the inventor of the revolutionary Atkins diet believed.

What foods contain carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are found most of all in white bread - 65 g per 100 g of product, black bread - 45 g, rice - 87 g, pasta - 73 g, lentils, peas, beans - 50-60 g.

Raisins, dates, and prunes also contain a large amount of carbohydrates - more than 50 g. For comparison: 100 g of potatoes contain only 18 g of carbohydrates, while cheese contains only 2 g.

Disadvantages of the Atkins diet

According to experienced nutritionists, the nutritional system of the cardiologist Atkins is a "snag" for the body, which simply does not receive important nutrients.

Often, when following the Atkins diet, weight loss occurs due to muscle mass.

The consumption of fat allowed on the Atkins diet leads to an increase in cholesterol and deterioration of the heart, or even death.

The Atkins Diet is a quick and effective solution to the problem of excess weight, which is contrary to the principles of a properly balanced diet.

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