Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet
Atkins Diet

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The diet was developed by Dr. Arkins. During it, a complete rejection of drugs is recommended. Therefore, before starting a diet, you should consult a physician and a gastroenterologist. Limiting carbohydrate intake leads to a drop in blood sugar.

Atkins diet
Atkins diet

The diet has two phases. The first lasts two weeks and consists in the use of a minimum amount of carbohydrates. The body receives fewer calories and begins to use the reserve fuel - fatty tissue. In this phase, there is a decrease in weight and a decrease in the volume of the figure. At the end of this phase, the strict calorie restriction is removed, but the control of carbohydrate consumption remains. The second phase begins, which lasts a whole life, this is practically a new way of nutrition and nutrition culture, which allows you to preserve the result obtained.

During the first phase, the amount of carbohydrates per day is no more than 20 grams, in everyday life a person consumes 40 grams, exceeding this figure can lead to weight gain, if at the same time the person does not lead an active lifestyle or does not play sports. 20 grams of carbohydrates are contained in three teaspoons of granulated sugar.

During the first phase, products such as river or sea fish and seafood, poultry (except duck), eggs, hard cheeses, not all vegetables and mushrooms are allowed. Do not consume alcohol, pure sugar, fruits, potatoes, corn, bread and baked goods.

During the second phase, there are no longer strict restrictions. The daily intake of carbohydrates increases to 40 grams. In the future, a person himself controls and chooses his own rate of carbohydrates, as soon as weight gain occurs, it means that this is above the norm of this particular person, and it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrates per day.

The positive thing about this diet is that it is quite easily tolerated, does not have any strict rules, there is no strict dietary regimen and a mandatory menu.

The disadvantages of the diet are the need for precise control of carbohydrate intake, the lack of some trace elements, and during the first phase it is necessary to take a vitamin complex. You must follow the rules throughout your life for the diet to be successful and effective.

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