Low-carb Menu For Girls For Drying The Body

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Low-carb Menu For Girls For Drying The Body
Low-carb Menu For Girls For Drying The Body

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Drying the body is the burning of subcutaneous fat to draw the body's relief. When drying the body, it is necessary to combine physical activity and a fairly strict diet. Diets for men and women are different when drying the body. A low-carb diet is suitable for girls. With this diet, a large amount of protein is consumed and the amount of carbohydrates is sharply limited. A completely carbohydrate-free diet should not be carried away, this can lead to metabolic disorders.

Low-carb menu for girls for drying the body
Low-carb menu for girls for drying the body

Low-carb diet for girls

There are many restrictions on a low-carb diet, but it is very effective. When it is observed, the body receives almost all the necessary substances, so the feeling of hunger does not pursue. Carbohydrates are limited, but their acceptable amount is quite enough for health.

Entering a low-carb diet should be gradual. First of all, it is necessary to exclude the so-called fast carbohydrates. They are found in flour products and sweets. It is necessary to limit bakery products. While on a low-carb diet, grains, legumes, and a little rye bread are allowed.

The main food is protein and vegetables. Fruits are allowed in small quantities. Healthy protein foods include eggs, fish, white meat, cottage cheese, milk. Vegetable fats are allowed, in small quantities. Fresh or stewed vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities. Hunger is not felt with this diet, all permitted foods leave a feeling of satiety.

For high-quality body drying, one diet is not enough. Additionally, it is necessary to give the body good physical activity. This will speed up the metabolism and burning of body fat.

Sample menu for a low-carb diet

From those foods that are allowed on a low-carb diet, you can compose many menu options. When drawing up a diet, it is necessary to take into account taste preferences and try to make the menu more diverse. One of the options looks like this:

- breakfast consists of protein omelet, apple or pear and herbal tea;

- for lunch, vegetable puree soup and 200 g of boiled white meat;

- for dinner you can cook stewed fish and vegetable salad.

Second option:

- in the morning muesli with cereals;

- in the afternoon buckwheat porridge, baked chicken breast and a glass of kefir;

- fruit salad and cottage cheese in the evening.

Third option:

- one egg and cucumber salad for breakfast;

- steamed fish with vegetables and low fat yogurt for lunch;

- baked potatoes, soft cheese and tomatoes for dinner.

Do not eat fried foods. Everything can be boiled or stewed.

You can snack on fresh fruits or dried fruits.

Every day you need to drink about 1.5-2 liters of clean water. It is also useful to drink low-fat or low-fat dairy products. They normalize digestion and promote weight loss.

The proposed version of the low-carb diet is quite gentle. It is most suitable for those who want to lose weight and show their muscles. A stricter carbohydrate-free diet should only be followed after consulting a doctor.

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