Diet Minus 60

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Diet Minus 60
Diet Minus 60

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Ekaterina Mirimanova developed the Minus 60 diet for herself. The author has proven from her own experience that thanks to this program, a person can easily get rid of significant excess weight. At the same time, after losing even 60 kg, the skin retains its elasticity, although it often does not look very attractive in a person who has lost weight.

Rational nutrition - the basis of the "Minus 60" diet
Rational nutrition - the basis of the "Minus 60" diet

Nutrition correction

Ekaterina Mirimanova paid much attention to psychological methods. They are based on changing attitudes towards bad eating habits. The author strives for a person to completely adjust their diet and adhere to it in the future without much stress. This approach, combined with exercise, can help you feel well and energized.

The Minus 60 system implies a varied diet, but rational. If you cannot deny yourself sweet or starchy foods, include them in your menu. But eat such foods only before 12 noon. The volume of consumption of high-calorie meals in the morning is not limited by the author. Lunch is the main meal. Dinner should be as light as possible and end before 6 pm. The absence of a hearty dinner will become comfortable over time, the body will get used to filling up with all the resources it needs before evening.

The Minus 60 diet includes several basic rules. There is no need to postpone the beginning until tomorrow, Monday, etc. Rebuild your diet now. Start giving up bad eating habits, replace high-calorie foods with healthy ones. For example, if you cannot drink tea without sugar or cakes, sweeten the drink with honey, eat a small slice of chocolate. Control the portion size, from the table you need to leave a little hungry.

Approximate diet for a diet

There are certain foods you need to eat at every meal. Up to 12 hours you can afford any extremes, but within reasonable limits. If you are not used to eating breakfast, gradually start accustoming yourself to eating after waking up. For example, drink tea with a sandwich first, or eat cereal with milk. Then switch to a more hearty breakfast: porridge, scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit salad or vegetable.

If you can't get yourself to eat breakfast, start with a small cup of tea and crackers. Gradually, you will train your body to eat in the morning.

An approximate lunch diet may be as follows: vegetable soup, cabbage soup with lean meat, rice with chicken breast, dishes with mushrooms, etc. For dinner, it is not recommended to eat fruits, potatoes, corn, legumes, pasta, drink juices, add a large amount of various spices to dishes. In the evening, vegetables, dairy products, lean fish, greens are well digested.

If you want to have a snack after 18 hours, allow yourself a glass of low-fat kefir.

Nutritionists often recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water throughout the day. Ekaterina Mirimanova, according to her “Minus 60” system, does not give such categorical recommendations. You can drink as much liquid as you like without forcing yourself to consume it.

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