What Is The Banana Diet

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What Is The Banana Diet
What Is The Banana Diet

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Bananas are delicious, nutritious and healthy fruits that contain a lot of vitamins C, B6 and E, amino acids, plant proteins, fiber, and so on. They help improve metabolism, which has a positive effect on the rate of calorie burning and, as a result, leads to weight loss.

What is the banana diet
What is the banana diet


  • - bananas;
  • - skimmed kefir or milk;
  • - chicken eggs;
  • - green tea;
  • - still mineral water.


Step 1

Choosing bananas for weight loss

To get the most out of your banana diet, it is very important to choose the right fruit. They should be well ripe. If you have not found any on sale, get green bananas and, wrapping them in edible paper, leave them in a dark place for a while. In addition, when peeling bananas, get rid of not only the peel, but also of the white threads.

Step 2

Banana diet for 3 days

Within 3 days, consume no more than 4 of these fruits per day. Optionally, you can alternate a banana meal with 1 glass of low-fat kefir or milk. You can also prepare cocktails from these ingredients, which turn out to be very tasty and satisfying. The last meal must be no later than 19:00. If you strictly follow the indicated diet, in 3 days you can get rid of 3 kilograms of excess weight.

Step 3

Banana diet for 7 days

This version of the banana diet involves daily consumption of 1.5 kilograms of these fruits, distributing this amount over 5-6 meals. It is also necessary to drink green tea without sugar and mineral non-carbonated water in unlimited quantities. To replenish the deficiency of protein and calcium in the body, eat 1 boiled egg daily. The result of this diet, if properly followed, is the loss of 5 kilograms of excess weight.

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