How To Drink Beet Juice

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How To Drink Beet Juice
How To Drink Beet Juice

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Beets have extraordinary nutritional value. It contains organic acids, proteins, trace elements and vitamins. Beetroot regulates the process of hematopoiesis, lowers blood pressure, improves liver and intestinal function, has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Beet juice is no less beneficial.

How to drink beet juice
How to drink beet juice


Step 1

Beet juice is a time-tested healing drink available to everyone. Its ability to improve metabolism, increase hemoglobin, normalize blood composition and have a beneficial effect on kidney function has long been known to folk medicine. The juice is used for colds and sore throats, kidney disease and gastritis. It is no less valuable for people suffering from endocrinological diseases, as it contains a large amount of iodine.

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Beet juice is never drunk undiluted, since in its pure form it is difficult for the body to tolerate. Mix it with other juices such as carrot or cranberry juice. During the period of habituation of the body, the ratio of juices should be no more than 1:10 (one part of beetroot, 10 parts of another juice). If you tolerate the treatment well, you can gradually bring the proportion to 1: 1. With poor juice tolerance, the final ratio should be 1: 4.

Step 3

Drink 50 ml of diluted beetroot juice on an empty stomach if you are constipated. For vascular spasms and hypertension, take 30 ml of juice at a time. This remedy is also effective with a single use as needed, but a permanent improvement in well-being will occur only after a course of treatment (at least two weeks). Add a little honey to the diluted juice (a teaspoon per 100 ml) - you get an excellent sedative medicine. In case of anemia, drink beet juice with the addition of orange, vitamin C will help the gland to be absorbed.

Step 4

Drink beet juice to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins (30 ml three times a day). It will be especially effective for people who want to lose weight. For the same purposes, you can make a cocktail of beet, carrot and cucumber juices. It improves digestion and has a beneficial effect on the body's excretory system.

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