How To Choose A Dietary Supplement With Calcium

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How To Choose A Dietary Supplement With Calcium
How To Choose A Dietary Supplement With Calcium

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A large number of calcium preparations are sold in pharmacies, but for some reason doctors recommend only a few dietary supplements. It has already been proven that not all forms of pharmaceutical calcium are absorbed by the body and can benefit it.

Supplements with calcium
Supplements with calcium


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Many people know that calcium is the main building block of bones, teeth, hair and nails. People who receive this element in missing quantities are prone to osteoporosis, their teeth condition worsens, their hair falls out, and their nails become brittle. At the same time, muscle spasms, nervousness may occur, the mood becomes gloomy, and blood pressure may rise.

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Of course, calcium can be obtained from food: cottage cheese, milk, beans, eggs. Only it is not completely absorbed from them, and in case of a deficiency, it simply begins to be washed out of the bones, teeth and hair.

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In dietary supplements, calcium is present in the form of carbonate, citrate, lactate and gluconate. The most digestible form is calcium carbonate, which contains 40% elemental calcium. In second place is calcium citrate, citrate lags slightly behind it, but calcium gluconate is the most ineffective form of the element. These criteria should be taken into account when choosing dietary supplements with calcium.

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Calcium carbonate contains complexes "Complivit calcium D3", which additionally contains vitamin D, which significantly increases the absorption of calcium. Complivit calcium D3 is a very affordable dietary supplement that can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is important that this particular vitamin and mineral complex was produced for the inhabitants of Russia, taking into account the peculiarities of their nutrition and climate.

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Calcium in the form of citrate and carbonate contains Calcemin Advance. Additionally, this complex is enriched with magnesium, sand, zinc, boron and manganese. The combination of these elements helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and prevent diseases of the joints and bones.

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The dietary supplement Mountain Calcium D 3 from the Evalar company is very rich in composition. They contain calcium carbonate, vitamin D, titanium, phosphorus, nickel, tungsten and other elements. Only in order to cover the lack of calcium in the body, you need to take 4 tablets a day. But "Complivita" or "Calcemina" is enough to use only 2 pieces daily. In terms of price, "Mountain Calcium D 3" is much more expensive.

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Dietary supplements with calcium should be taken only under the guidance of a specialist doctor, because with an excess of this element in the body, unpleasant side effects can occur: flatulence, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain. To avoid this, you need to take tests and strictly follow the doctor's recommendations.

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