How Tranquilizers Differ From Antidepressants

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How Tranquilizers Differ From Antidepressants
How Tranquilizers Differ From Antidepressants

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Tranquilizers are drugs that reduce anxiety, fear, and emotional tension. They are prescribed mainly for the relief of anxiety syndromes of a non-psychotic level, developing within the framework of borderline states. There are significant differences between these drugs and antidepressants.

How tranquilizers differ from antidepressants
How tranquilizers differ from antidepressants

Features of tranquilizers

Tranquilizers and antidepressants belong to different chemical groups and have different mechanisms of action. Tranquilizers include benzodiazepine derivatives: Relanium, Seduxen, Sibazon, Phenazepam, Mesapam, Lorafen, Xanax. Many of these drugs induce sleep, have a pronounced relaxing effect, relieve the state of fear, mental stress in healthy individuals and in neurotic and neurosis-like states.

Almost all tranquilizers, when taken for a long time, cause drug dependence, so they are taken in short courses, in a period not longer than a month. Dependence is not formed even with occasional doses in small doses (for example, with rare attacks of anxiety). The dose of the drug is selected in such a way as to ensure the normal mode of the patient's activity. Unlike antidepressants, tranquilizers are generally well tolerated and do not cause side effects. In many somatically weakened patients, these drugs have an additional positive vegetative stabilizing effect.

Features of antidepressants

Antidepressants are prescribed to treat depression. Each of the drugs in this group has its own spectrum of action: there are stimulating, sedative, anti-anxiety antidepressants, with a strong hypnotic effect, completely devoid of a hypnotic effect. These drugs normalize pathologically altered depressive mood, improve the thinking process, increase inhibited motor activity, and increase concentration. The duration of treatment with antidepressants is from six months or more, so a significant number of these drugs do not cause addiction. Some antidepressants, which have significantly pronounced stimulating properties, can exacerbate mental disorders, translate depression into a manic phase, and cause seizures, so drugs in this group should be prescribed by a doctor.

A single dose of antidepressants is useless and requires a long course of treatment. Taking into account the peculiarities of the action of these drugs, treatment begins with small amounts of the drug, gradually increasing it to a therapeutic dose. The therapy is completed by gradually reducing the daily amount. With this regimen, some side effects are eliminated. Both tranquilizers and antidepressants should be prescribed by a doctor. Uncontrolled use of these drugs can harm the body.

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