How Is Goat Fat Treated? Traditional Medicine Recipes

How Is Goat Fat Treated? Traditional Medicine Recipes
How Is Goat Fat Treated? Traditional Medicine Recipes

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When signs of a disease appear, people, along with drugs, resort to traditional medicine recipes. These recipes often have a positive effect on the body.

How is goat fat treated? Traditional medicine recipes
How is goat fat treated? Traditional medicine recipes

Of all the folk remedies, goat fat is especially effective in treating many diseases. It has been used for a long time and will probably be used for a long time in different countries and in different territories.

Goat fat is the melted inner lard of a goat. Goat fat does not have a very pleasant smell and taste, but it has properties that are beneficial to human health.

For many years, goat fat has been used for colds, joint and ligament ailments, skin and stomach ailments, wound healing and burns.

For colds, 1 teaspoon of fat along with 1 teaspoon of honey is added to 250 g of warm milk heated to a temperature of 47 ° C. The mixture obtained in this way should be taken at bedtime for 5 days, if necessary, the dose can be increased. After taking it, you need to go to bed and not get up. When a cough begins, goat fat is used in its pure form, it is enough to swallow half a teaspoon of this fat 1-2 times, and the cough will recede. A mixture of goat fat with the addition of milk and honey helps to restore strength after illness and strengthen the body as a whole.

Goat fat is best mixed with any food that tastes good.

When a cough begins, you can also rub it with goat fat. To do this, it is heated to a soft state, and then rubbed into the chest area, the feet are smeared, the patient's back area and warm clothes and socks are put on top. You can add 20 g of propolis tincture to the goat fat mixture, which will also have a positive effect in the treatment of colds and coughs.

The fat obtained from goat lard is used to heal various kinds of wounds. To do this, mix a tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of onions and half a spoonful of salt until smooth. Then daily until complete healing in the form of a compress is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin.

In the treatment of gastric diseases, goat fat is quite effective for gastritis. Half a teaspoon of fat must be steamed, add a little honey and 2-3 leaves of aloe plant, mix everything and bring to a homogeneous mass. The mixture should be taken orally daily before meals.

Mixing goat fat with any herbal tea will make a good anti-inflammatory ointment.

Goat subcutaneous fat is also effective in cosmetology. It is used as a moisturizing and emollient ointment for dry skin, as it is rich in vitamin B3 and coenzyme Q10, it is also used for various skin problems, treatment of burns.

In folk medicine, goat fat is also used as an antipyretic agent, melting and rubbing it into the chest and back.

It is also effective for fainting and can be used to increase potency. By taking goat blubber with food, you will significantly improve your digestion and fill your body with energy and strength.

Thus, goat fat is used to treat a large number of diseases.

For peptic ulcer diseases, goat fat is used in the form of enemas, for hearing problems - ointments are made. It is important to use goat fat strictly according to the recipe, so that it will benefit and help cure many diseases.

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